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Goodbye dear TESwikians!

Due to my ongoing practice, driver's license, job searching (as I'm close to graduate from High School now in summer), homeworks and much more, I have decided to deactivate my account and quit using Wikia. Well, I can tell you all that I've had a great, enjoyable and informative time here since december 2012 when I started off with the "Thandeon" account here on the wiki. I've made many contributions, and honorable mentions would be:

  1. Solstheim - because of my addition of lore (such as history, daedric influence and wildlife) under both this and my previous account "Aetherium". 
  2. Vanech - because it's my own and very first article contribution to The Elder Scrolls Wikia.
  3. Mournhold (Lore) - because it's my second-best created article - especially proud over my findings on the recreation of the temple-city in the Fourth Era. 
  4. Hammerfell - because of my addition of references and improvements to the introduction paragraph.
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