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A list of bot tasks for KINMUNE or AkulakhanBot. If I don't get to your request immediately, it's most likely because the bot is occupied with another task, but don't let that stop you from adding any more that you have. Some of the larger projects for the bot, namely semi-automatic ones, can take a week or more to complete. However, most regular tasks can be finished in less than a day.



AkulakhanBot, in use since May 2017, presently uses AutoWikiBrowser (AWB) to complete simple "find & replace" tasks, such as link fixes and basic formatting. With this interface, AkulakhanBot cannot do anything particularly advanced, but is still invaluable for general wiki maintenance.

Examples of tasks that AkulakhanBot would complete:

  • SkyrimSkyrim (Online) for links on Online articles
  • n/a → N/A in tables and infoboxes
  • Removing specific overarching categories


KINMUNE, in use since February 2014, was designed by Flightmare from scratch, but he has to write a new script for every unique task to be completed. Relatively advanced (but still menial) tasks will generally be done by KINMUNE: this may take a while if a new script is required, depending on the urgency of the task.

Examples of tasks that KINMUNE would complete:

In progress

The bot is either currently working on these things, or has just finished them.

  • {{OnlineCreatures}}/DLC:
    • Remove "magic," "stamina," "armor," "spells," and "damage"
    • Add "attacks."

AkulakhanBot tasks

High priority

If you want me to do something quickly, place it under the "high priority" section (please do not place it in a lower tier just to be polite). I will get to it as fast as I can.

  • Update Vvardenfell Vvolumes -> Vvardenfell Volumes (& do cat)
  • Fix ESO book pages per TES:Moot/August 2018
  • {{OnlineQuests}}/DLC:
    • Add faction classification in "type" parameter for ESO quests (& add cat; remove side quests cat)
  • Add "title" section to LegendsCharacter template.
  • Change Legends |set = Base parameter to |set = Core (& {{LegendsCards}})
    • Also change "Training Battle" to "Practice Battle" on some Legends pages

Low priority

If your task does not have any sort of deadline or is otherwise not very urgent, place it in the "low priority" section.

  • Replacing ". and "," with American grammar counterpart.
  • Replace <code><!--Interwiki Links--></code> with <code><!--Interwiki links--></code> (get more recent database dump; also account for erroneous spacing etc.)
  • Add {{LE}} to achievement names on Achievements (Online)
  • Category:Articles to be Moved
  • Remove space between "Base ID" in infoboxes
  • Stub category on pages -> Stub template
    • This pulled 0 results for me on the database scanner when looking for "[[Category:Stub." Might be a good idea to scan over to see if you get anything, and if not, just remove it. Could also just be an old databse dump. ~Crus
  • Add ==Licensing== header to files missing it (excluding those where it is transcluded in image licensing template)
    • Eventually, add full {{Information}} template to all files, and transition all written categories to image licensing templates for consistency
  • Remove extraneous licensing content for files using Category:Image Licensing Templates
  • Zenimage & cat for concept art -> {{OnlineConceptArt}}
  • creatures = , type= -> <aligned properly>
  • Add |thumb to files with captions in blogs and elsewhere (without this, the captions will not appear)
    • Do NOT replace center/left/right; just add it as the second parameter, right after the file name
  • Replace "NPCs" with "characters."
  • Add "previous" and "next" variables to pages using {{OnlineBooks}} and DLC derivatives
  • Remove Category:Morrowind: Bandits and Category:Morrowind: Slavers from pages, as well as the mention from the infobox where included, found in the "faction" variable.
  • Remove categories Category:Online: Notes and Letters, Category:Online: Journals per TES:Moot/August 2018
  • Add <!--Interwiki links--> tag to pages with interwiki links but without the tag (notably pl & es, but all of them should be checked)
  • CharacterS --> Characters/characters to fix a bot input typo.
  • Change the following line in Lore: Cities category. "A day where the creepy ghouls and creatures of the night gather to terrorize the residents of Tamriel. Many have not dared to wander the streets at night, in fear of being nabbed by a creature." to "A day when Lord Hollowjack of Detritus spreads his influence across Tamriel. Monsters and Ghouls swarm across Tamriel, terrorizing the innocent. Many people do not dare to leave their home, in fear of being nabbed by these creatures." And add the following reference, The Elder Scrolls Online – Introducing the Hollowjack Crown Crate Season & Giveaway


For semi-automatic tasks that require me to add content. Such tasks may take a long time to finish.

  • Add ESO NPC classes (where applicable)
    • Category: Online: Characters (+DLC); skip if contains "class = N/A" (include additional whitespace)
  • Remove enemy stuff for all games; replace with either character or creature, depending on context
  • Missing (locate and add info for each) – Regex for spacing
    • race = {{Missing|Online}}
    • gender = {{Missing|Online}}
  • {{MorrowindCharacters}} (Regex: skip if includes RefID)
  • Add book header content to ==Content== section. e.g. title/author, if it's in the book itself


  • Sort interwiki links alphabetically


Main article: Wikipedia:Regular expression
  • Regex full line removal example for level parameter in infoboxes (source): \|\s*level\s*=[^\|\r\n]*[\r\n]+
  • Regex full line removal example for template with two variables (source): \{\{\s*ImageImprove\s*\|([^\|]*)\|([^\|]*)\}\}\s+
  • Regex full line removal example for gender parameter in infoboxes: \|\s*gender\s*=([^\|]*)
  • Regex replacement of integer with specific number range: \*\d*\s*{{G}}
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