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I have extensive elder scrolls knowledge so if you're new to the game, need help with a quest, finding a weapon or ingriedient just leave me a message on my talk page and i'll get back to you when i can. Batrada (talk) 22:06, December 23, 2013 (UTC)Batrada

I am most skilled at the warrior playthorugh but I can't find the user box for it.


Marcel is my main charecter in this elder scrolls game. I have finisihed the mages guild, fighters guild, arena and main questline. I have also bought and finished all the add-ons. I am level 49 use deadric and madness armor and use enchanted weapons such as Sword Of Doom or Goldbrand. I carry 500,000 gold and have 149 fame and 0 infamy. Feel free to drop me a question about questlines because i have a second charecter, Shane that has done every quest in the game. I use sword and shield with high armorer to repair it as may main combat style. I own every house in the game and have every upgrade. Main Skills: Armorer, Heavy Armor, Alteration, Block, Blade


Batrada is my main charecter in this game. He is level 53 and always has 50000+ gold on him. I have done every questline available except for a few deadric quests. I married Ysolda and chose to live in lakeview manor with Lucia and Blaise. I supported the Imperial legion eventually destorying the Stormcloaks. I use a Sword and Shield with heavy armor to survive. I have max level smithing and all the heavy armor perks. I just recently bought the last house in hearthfire. At this time, january 4 i have finished the small house and am working on the main hall. Just need a sawmill. Skills: Archery, One Handed, Two Handed, Heavy Armor, Smithing, Training destruction.




Playstyle: Warrior Stones: Lord, Lady Level: 53 Main Skills: Smithing, One Handed, Block, Heavy Armor, Archery Weapon, Armor: Full legendary deadric + shield and dragonbone sword legendary Race: Dark Elf


Playstyle: Archer Level: 44 Stone: Thief Main Skills: One handed, Archery, Light armor, Sneak Weapon, Armor: Nightangle suit, circlet or archery, glass boots, glass gauntlets. Race: Wood Elf


Playstyle: Wizard Level: 35 Stone: Mage Main Skills: Destruction, Illusion, Conjuration Equipment, Spells: Fire Bolt dual, or lightning shock dual. Archmage Robes, Enchanted scaled bracers, boots.

That's all for skyrim



Warrior Blade, Armor, Repair, Heavy Armor, Block, Alteration, Security Level 49


Wizard Conjuration, Alchemy, Mysticism, Illusion, Destruction, Alteration Level 45


Archer, Rogue Blade, Marksman, Light Armor, Security, Sneak Level 42

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