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[[User:789Snowbird987|\m/O1s£@u±D£±N£1g£\m/]] <sup>([[User talk:789Snowbird987| ''Awaken the somneling demon'' ]])
[[User:789Snowbird987|\m/O1s£@u±D£±N£1g£\m/]] <sup>([[User talk:789Snowbird987| ''Awaken the somneling demon'' ]]) </sup>
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*Ugh... ''that'' guy. (Goldflame)
*Ugh... ''that'' guy. (Goldflame)
*AdsBird (PLP, II)
*AdsBird (PLP, II)
*Jaun Shnaw (Man o' Steak)
*Jaun Shnaw (Man o' Steak)
*Onii-Chan (LyraHeartsring)
*Onii-Chan (LyraHeartsring)
*Le Québecois (Brandon)
*Le Québecois (Brandon)
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*SnowFo (^, XIX)
*SnowFo (^, XIX)
*Snoan of Ark (^, XX)
*Snoan of Ark (^, XX)
*Snogo Stick (^, XXI)
*Snogo Stick (^, XXI)
*Snowton Blaster (^, XXII)
*Snowton Blaster (^, XXII)
*Four Leaf Snowver (^, XXIII)
*Four Leaf Snowver (^, XXIII)
*Snowver Cleveland (^, XXIV)
*Snowver Cleveland (^, XXIV)
*Pirate's Snowve (^, XXV)
*Pirate's Snowve (^, XXV)
*Snowie (A long overdue name on this list from Noctie)

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Girl&#039;s Club
Girls' Club
"This dude's a girl?" —789Snowbird987

This user is a member of the Girls' Club. He most probably is a guy, but that's alright.

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"Now, see, this is why I employ sorcery. No one ever questions sorcery."
―Yours Truly
"There's a place in your mind where everything is just alright. I wish I could go there."
―Minako Kagashima
"You're confusing. One moment, you're healing a tree that can save lives, and the other you're hanging the naked corpses of soldiers with their tongues pulled out of their sliced-off throats."

\m/O1s£@u±D£±N£1g£\m/ ( Awaken the somneling demon )


  • Being declared the Wiki's most trigger-happy Chat Mod
  • Aiding in the promotion of PLP
  • Earning first place in an RP/Adventure hybrid called "Play Test" created by Jakie Boy
  • Participating in a widely successful RP named "Undead Tamriel", as well as its sequels
  • Co-founding a Wiki titled Metal Central
  • Tutoring Jar of Jars on founding one's own wiki
  • Nominating SAVW and following promotion
  • Providing evidence in the extensive sock-puppeting of Jygglypuff
  • Earning 60+ nicknames
  • Writing the 940,000th edit
  • Helping Our Rising Star beat PLP's supports record

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I do have a few of those. Some were written next to my username, above.

  • Snowwalker (UAM)
  • Bird made of Snow with Numbers Around His Name (UAM, II)
  • Big Bird (myself)
  • Ghetto-Bird (Somebody)
  • Snowminus Prime (UAM, III)
  • Daedric Prince of Snow and Heavy Metal (UAM, IV)
  • Snowmeister (Fishy)
  • Snowgul (Flug)
  • Uncle Birdie (Fishy, II)
  • SnowB (TombRaiser)
  • Songbird (Celest)
  • Snowball (Shawn)
  • Lovebird (Ketick)
  • Oddbird (Dkjaycee)
  • Kev-Dawg (Civi)
  • Snowbard (EJ)
  • SNERBURRD (Camlorn)
  • Snowviet (Tsukasa)
  • Snowtreace (Tsukasa, II)
  • Snowaholic (Soviet)
  • Artibird (myself)
  • Snowaggedon (Soviet, II)
  • Snowbro (Billy, I)
  • Snauw (Billy, II)
  • Snovahkiin (Billy, III)
  • Snodo Baggins (Billy, IV)
  • Snowpez (Billy, V)
  • Snowking (Dkjaycee, II)
  • Snowdrift (Camlorn, II)
  • Snowvern (Ketick, II)
  • Snowcane (Billy, VI)
  • Snowvarine (Ketick, III)
  • LurkBird (PLP)
  • Snowblower (Tsukasa, III)
  • Snowjob (Tsukasa, IV)
  • Ugh... that guy. (Goldflame)
  • AdsBird (PLP, II)
  • Jaun Shnaw (Man o' Steak)
  • Onii-Chan (LyraHeartsring)
  • Le Québecois (Brandon)
  • Frosty (Faustis)
  • Snøfug (Nelthro)
  • Mr. Freeze (Sky Above)
  • Papa Snow #badboy (Sienna)
  • Angelina Snowlie (Billy, VII)
  • Frostbite (Faustis, II)
  • Little Bunny Foo Foo (2V-Vanity)
  • Snerry (Sienna, II)
  • Dumbass (Sienna, III)
  • Snow bb (Sienna, IV)
  • Snowmad (Sienna, V)
  • Fus Snow Dah (Sienna, VI)
  • Stormsnowk (Sienna, VII)
  • Snow, Snow, Snow your boat! (Sienna's record-breaker)
  • Snowfidant (Sienna's aegis)
  • 789Smeowcat987 (Shades)
  • Kevin the Demented Snow Bird (Zipper)
  • Kevvybird (Ketick, IV)
  • Kevin Canuck (Zipper, II)
  • ZoSnow (2V-Vanity, III)
  • Edgard Allen Snow (2V-Vanity, III)
  • Marilyn Monsnow (2V-Vanity, IV)
  • NIX AVIAN / NIX (SeanHowler)
  • Status Snowta (2V-Vanity, V)
  • A Terrible Snowtion (^, VI)
  • In favour of this Snowtion, say aye (^, VII)
  • Snownos, God of Time (^, VIII)
  • Snowing Punches (^, IX)
  • Fo Snow Bro (^, X)
  • Hand Snowtion (^, XI)
  • Counting Snows (^, XII)
  • ScareSnow (^, XIII)
  • Cheap SnowSticks (^, XIV)
  • SnowHawk (^, XV)
  • Snow Pop (^, XVI)
  • You Snow Girl (^, XVII)
  • Get it on the Down Snow (^, XVIII)
  • SnowFo (^, XIX)
  • Snoan of Ark (^, XX)
  • Snogo Stick (^, XXI)
  • Snowton Blaster (^, XXII)
  • Four Leaf Snowver (^, XXIII)
  • Snowver Cleveland (^, XXIV)
  • Pirate's Snowve (^, XXV)
  • Snowie (A long overdue name on this list from Noctie)

I may add more... for now, I haz guts 88!

Stormcloak-user This TESWikian is a member of the Stormcloaks.

Best Friends

If you can read your name here, feel special. You're one of the very few who can question my mental health.

  • Queen-in-Rags, my seductive, trouble-making, drop-dead gorgeous Asian spouse
  • Misty, our local party girl who almost never parties
  • Mama Sienna #naughtygirl, my 1.1st fave who won't be satisfied until the entire world knows
  • SeanHowlerCP, the Victorious Gorehound who takes his job a tad too seriously
  • Cameo, my lead Metalhead who keeps spittin' songs like no one's business
  • I.R.S, my most controversial friend ever

Also, sometimes Nocturnal likes to type things in places for no reason. Maybe she just did that. Who knows? c:

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