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Well, I'm not talking 'bout Meridia,
And I don't want to be Unlife.
But there's a North Wind blowing and the Stars Are Right
And I really think there's daedra tonight.

(With apologies to Dan Seals)

Things I Care About Edit

  • Content accuracy
  • Wordsmithing
  • Data Presentation/Table Formatting
  • Maps.
    • MAPS!!!!

Things I Don't Care About Edit

  • Whitespace
    • Especially whitespace at the ends of lines
  • Changes that make no difference to page as viewed

Things I Know How To Do Edit

  • Proofread
  • Python scripting
  • UNIX pipe tools (awk, grep, sed, etc.)

Things I Have No Idea How To Do Edit

  • CSS
  • Bots

Obligatory Obscure ReferenceEdit

Poachers axe

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