aka Justin

  • I live in New Mexico
  • I am Male
  • Bio I play fallout 3 and NV if I can get fallout 4 to work again I'll play that a lot
    Favorite companion for fallout 3: Dogmeat
    Favorite companion for fallout NV: Rex
    Favorite companion for fallout 4: Dogmeat

    Favorite faction for Fallout 3:BOS
    Favorite faction for Fallout new vegas:NCR
    Favorite faction for fallout 4: The Institute
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Zenithar Stained Glass

Who I am and what I do

Welcome Comrade! I do the occasional edit on a few pages, but I mostly work on images, putting them into their subcategories, finding low-quality images, finding unused images, etc. Right now i'm working on the Hearthfire categories, there's a massive lack of organization for the DLC's pages. The first ES game I ever played was Morrowind, although I was very young and completely forgot about the series until Skyrim came out, my favorite ES game is Oblivion, while Skyrim is my least favorite of the 3 I've played. If you need to talk to me you can usually find me in chat, if i'm not there, feel free to leave a message on my talk page.

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  • Reach 1000 edits My 1000th edit.
  • Reach 5000 edits
  • Hide my freedom from the feds.


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