Enchanting Leveling StrategyEdit

I am writing my enchanting leveling strategy on this page because user:Zelron decided that it is "not needed" on the Enchanting talk page.

I was able to get my Enchanting skill to 100 fairly quickly by using the following strategy:

First, I stole every soul gem and enchanted item I found (e.g. all over the Winterhold campus, in shops, mage's quarters, etc.). A lot of these will respawn every few days. I also collected all manner of footwear, rings, and headwear, including buying out the stock at Radiant Raiment. Once I got to around level 20 I had a pretty good stockpile.

First I disenchanted everything that wasn't worth keeping. The most important ones to learn are Fortify Sneak, Fortify Archery, and Fortify Conjuration, as these are some of the most valuable. Putting Fortify Sneak on a pair of worthless boots with a greater soul gem will raise the value to several hundred gold, even with a lower skill level. I enchanted as many items with Fortify Sneak as possible.

Once I ran out of boots, rings, and gloves, I started putting Fortify Archery on all hats. After that, I put Fortify Conjuration on all torso clothing items I had left.

Then I would go around to all merchants who carry magical items and sell my enchanted items while buying up filled soul gems (primarily greater, common, and lesser). Usually this would yield a profit for me while quickly raising my enchanting skill.

I figured this strategy was too lengthy to include in the article, but I wanted to share it anyway in the event that it might help someone. Criticism welcome. dbbolton (talk) 05:02, October 13, 2012 (UTC)

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