aka my nick name is Kelly

  • I live in Corr na Móna, Ireland
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is I help run my parents shop
  • I am Female

Hi Im Deirdre, Im a big fan of the elder scrolls games. I love playing as Elves mostly but i do like playing as humans as well,

I am not Fluent in Enlgish, But my Grammer in English Is pretty bad But i do have a lot of information to provide so jsut tell me if im doing something wrong so i can work on it better.

Some times I like to day dream about flying a griffion.

My Favorite Charcters Are Babette And Cisoroe

Varric tells a story by ambrosine333-d46quae
My main charcter is a female Altmer named Merriel, who is a magic user only.
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