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I come from a long bloodline of Bretons from the Western Reach. Though I sympathize with my cousins, the Reachman, I am not a barbarian or Savage. I have come to respect them, their faith, and their old ways, but they are not my ways or my bloodlines ways. We are proof that the Reachmen are not animals, but are just a minority of men. My family is proof a Reachman can in fact Worship the 9 divine and not be branded mythological. I worship the same Talos as my historic rivals, the Nords, do. Though I disagree with the Nords as who the Reach belongs to, I will not hesitate to unite with them and any race of man, mer, or beast to protect my faith: the 9 divine. All other mortal matters on Mundus are trivial when it comes to the 8 and 1. My family, the Wallace Clan, have always had this mentality. The Gods above all else, then the Clan, then the Breton people and Mankind as a whole. These are the ways of a civilized, modernized Reachmen.

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