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Hi i am the leader of an Enclave Squad currantly containg over 10 members

i intend to grow our ranks and one day hopefully restore the Enclave. Recruitment video please watch

The enclave wiki

Great Enclave speach by SGT dornan

Huskey2413 - 1st Commander

sentenial montes -lance

mr gazzo-lance

yes man -privite

spACE MARINE288-lance corpral

bad badger- private


what we wear

roxashasnohear2nd commander



Fr4nk H0Rrigan-private


these are the currant men and woman in my squad 9/09/11

Enclave you tube channel

A Story by Me[edit | edit source]

“Quick! Grab the plasma rifle” “I can’t reach it shit!” my squad members yelled as they crawl hopelessly to the weapon. “It’s getting close to us quick!” commander Huskey yells as a death claw approaches the downed squad. “Wait i think i have one grenade left” corporal Redstar announces “some one distract it well i reach into my belt and get it” so Huskey improvised and he lifted his body up of the ground and grabbed a Nuka cola bottle and through it at the fearsome beast, then it stopped in its tracks and came for Huskey “I’ve got it!!” Redstar screams with hope “now would be a great time to throw it Redstar!!”Huskey says worryingly as the death claw is only a few meters away “i am having trouble pulling the pin it’s stuck or something crap!! Wait i got it”. Redstar throws the grenade towards the beast but wait he misses. i quickly get up and limp my way to the grenade and pick it up. “run sir its too late it will go off any second now drop it and run for it!!” i still take the grenade but it is to late so i run up to the death claw and as soon as i get a metre away from the beast the grenade explodes killing myself and the death claw.”Nooo!!” scream my fellow squad members as i sacrificed myself for them.

The End

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