Evil's Evolution

  • I live in I am deemed forever to live in purgutory.
  • I was born on August 1
  • My occupation is I primarily enjoy being an assassin.
  • I am Male.

Heya, I'm Evil's Evolution. I am a huge and devoted fan to the Elder Scrolls series, I've played everyone up to Skyrim. I always go by a personal motto, The Only Fear, Is fear itself. I have 5 in-game characters.

Who am I?Edit

I am Evil's Evolution, as you saw from the top. My name is Bob and I enjoy playing RPGs and MMORPGs. I enjoy correcting grammar and testing builds on various games. I am lingual in various languages and most of the time I am playing skyrim. I look forward to meeting new people, editing skyrim wiki pages, and talking and debating about things ingame.

List Of My CharactersEdit

Soren - Level 38 Wood Elf Assassin

Zaros - Level 20 Dark Elf Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold

Otulissa - Level 21 High Elf Conjurist

Bob - Level 20 Breton Spellsword

Zyro - Level 16 Orc Smith

  • Note: Some of the character's names are from books and other games.

Things I plan on editing and doing.Edit

(1)Work on the grammar of pages.

(2) Adding pictures to every page.

(3) Working on adding Notes, and other headings to pages.

(4) Working on making sentences complete, making sure everything makes sense, etc.

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