Fire Wolf Pup

  • I live in Queensland, Australia
  • I was born on December 16
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Retired Staff
"Training? Goodness me, I'm retired! I'm afraid combat doesn't interest me any more."Pranal

This user is a retired staff member on TESWiki. After serving their time protecting the wiki from trouble and guiding newer members, Fire Wolf Pup has since stepped down from their former role and is hoping the Dark Brotherhood doesn't come after them during their retirement. You can message them on their talk page here if you need something, though they may not respond.

Favorite games

In no order:


Flag Australia G'Day! This TESWikian hails from Australia.
PC Player This TESWikian plays The Elder Scrolls on PC.
Xbox360 logo This TESWikian plays on the Xbox 360.
Matrix Screen This TESWikian edits in Source Mode.
Atheist Logo This user is an atheist.
Skyrim This TESWikian is an expert on Skyrim.
DawnguardLogo This TESWikian is an expert on Dawnguard.
Miraakmask This user is knowledgeable about Dragonborn.
Hearthfire-smalllogo This user is knowledgeable about Hearthfire.
TESOblivionIcon This user is knowledgeable about Oblivion.
SepLnUp Altmer b1&c1 This TESWikian
is an Altmer
Molag Bal Online
This TESWikian is a fan of Molag Bal.
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