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Hello anyone reading this and welcome to my profile. I am a long time gamer (hated pong, loved Atari 2600). Early on in my gaming life, I realized that I did not possess great hand-eye coordination therefore I got into RPGs, as they require more logic and reasoning skills. To combat what many consider the high cost of games and to satisfy my obsessive nature, I play games I like, to death. These include ZELDA, WIZARDRY, STAR OCEAN, BREATH OF FIRE II, and everything FINAL FANTASY.(FF VII, FF X and FF X-2 especially) I received the X-BOX 360 game system and the game FABLE II as a birthday gift from someone very close to me, with the promise I would not get so involved as to neglect other obligations. When I learned that my companion was a lovable pet dog, there went that promise. I still have about 15 Fable II game saves on 6 profiles, most of which sleep in the castle with their spouse and kids. Currently I play Fable III and have 14 profiles with at least 2 saves each, most of which have defeated the Darkness and tied up loose ends. (Not to mention the saves that have glitched or freeze up and have been deleted.)

SPOILER ALERT --- The secrets of money and power are:

1.Invest in real estate

2.Cooperate with friends.

P.S. I do now play Fable II and Fable III on-line, but please still, don't ask for any weapons or other items.

My Gamertag is ExcellentGuide.


This user is a product of the Public School System and uses American(US) accordingly. i.e. better than most idiots.

This user is learning English(UK).

This user will share any knowledge I have re: co-op gameplay.

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Checking articles for consistency[]

  • Links to quest articles in quotation marks.
  • Removing duplicate links and verifying direct links.
  • Checking that Command Console text uses <code>command</code> format.
  • Changing code for 'less than' and 'greater than' symbols with < and > respectively.

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Enchantment Layout[]

Well from those responses so far, I came up with one possible setup that hits nearly all of those bases. Mind you that I do use overpowered Fortify Enchanting potions so that one enchantment is all you need to do the job.

  1. Helmet: Fortify Magicka & Fortify Archery
  2. Armor: Fortify Health & Fortify Stamina
  3. Gloves: Fortify Carry Weight & Fortify One-Handed
  4. Boots: Muffle & Fortify Sneak
  5. Shield: Resist Magic & Resist Poison
  6. Ring: Fortify Lockpicking & Fortify Pickpocket
  7. Necklace #1: Fortify Destruction & Fortify Conjuration
  8. Necklace #2: Fortify Barter & Waterbreathing

With this build you would only need to switch your necklace when changing from battle mode to swimming or shopping.

Also you would need to have a set of gear for Alchemy.

Update Jan. 2016[]

No, I did not die... yet. I just was compelled to retire due to medical reasons. Thus, I no longer have use of a PC. I can only access the internet through my Xbox360. Instead of trying to keep editing, without cut and paste, I decided to just take a break. Hello to all of my friends that I've made here and I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. If you would like to reach me for help with Fable 2 or 3 or to talk Skyrim, my Gtag is ExcellentGuide. You can also find me at forum.lionhead.com - Garry

Update October 2019[]

Lots of things have changed. I don't have internet. The Lionhead forum has been closed. I still play Skyrim and Fable II and III, but offline. Wish you all the best. - Garry