How I found TES wiki[edit | edit source]

When I was playing Skyrim and I wanted to know something about the game, I would look it up and TES wiki would have a page about it and it was the top result. Now this was before I had an account or anything, I didn't really want one at the time either. When I found the forums, and people asked about Skyrim or another topic about the Elder Scrolls, I tried to answer the question on occasion. I didn't know much about Elder Scrolls lore at the time either. I decided to make an account finally because I thought it would be better to have an account while answering a question on the forums, I was tired of just being a random Wiki contributor without an account. My first accounts name was Greeno180, I made that account in January. I wasn't interested in editing pages at the time because I didn't think there was anything I could add to. When I was on the wiki, I spent most of my time on chat. I took an absence from the wiki one somewhere during that time, and when I got back for some reason I looked up on the top of the screen I and I wasn't logged in, so I tried logging and was denied because I put in the wrong password I believe. Why I wanted to login if I recall is because I was looking at different users badges and edit counts and that motivated me to start editing. But anyway, after I couldn't login, I resorted to foolish measures; being the idiot I was I thought instead of changing my password I should make another account. So I made one and started editing a little bit, however I read in the guidelines that you aren't supposed to have multiple accounts or so that's how I understood them, and I saw that it isn't that easy to just delete an account, so I felt guilty that I had more than one account. I then wanted to see if I could actually get on my original account, I did; since I forgot my old password all I had to do was change it and I was able to login to my original account. Haha, I felt really stupid then. So I wanted to be punished for having multiple accounts so I told an Admin, I thought for sure I would be banned the next day but when I got on, there was no response, so I thought I should tell someone else. I got on chat and said I had multiple accounts and I was promptly banned from chat forever. This isn't what I wanted, I wish I was punished somehow, but not forever. Anyway after I was banned from chat forever I decided to get on my original account and see if I had a lot of activity on it, I only had one edit on it I think, and that was from the forum. But...... then came my next screw up, after looking at activity, I saw the chat and became curious because I wanted to see if anybody was talking about me being so stupid for saying I had multiple accounts right on chat. Since the account I was on, my original account wasn't banned from anything, I got on chat, I however got off quickly because I thought that the people on chat would reconize who I was and promptly ban my oringinal account from chat forever too, then I would be really screwed. I logged off my original account after that. So, I don't know when this happend but I started editing while I was banned from chat, hoping somebody would notice and unban me from chat or at least reduce the amount, that didn't happen though. Anyway one day I was editing my page and I put together a goals list, one of the goals was to be unbanned from chat. Later, I got on and realized I was unbanned by Sky, I was really happy. Anyway, I changed my original accounts password so even if I want to get on it (which I won't want to) I will not know the password. I'm never getting on that account again. Now since that mess is behind me, my main focus here is to help edit pages on this wiki.

Interest in the Elder Scrolls[edit | edit source]

I love the Elder Scrolls! I started playing my first Elder Scrolls game Skyrim, in late 2011 or early 2012 for PS3. After getting really into Skyrim I bought it for PC and after learning some of the lore, I wanted to play some of the other Elder Scrolls game. I got Oblivion and Morrowind for Christmas a few years ago and completed both of them and I must say they are fantastic games too. I think the most interesting part of the Elder Scrolls is the lore, it has so much depth in it that it's amazing how the guys at Bethesda thought of all that. Another part that is amazing in TES is the atmosphere, being surrounded by the swamps or duststorms in Morrowind,  the green trees of Cyrodiil, or the snowy mountains of Skyrim it actually feels like you are in a different world. Plus the soundtracks in TES is amazing, probably the best in gaming; I tell you, some of the music is so relaxing it almost makes you fall to sleep. All hail the Empire! And by the way, from what I heard Arena and Daggerfall are both great games too. Anyway, it's awesome their is an Elder Scrolls wiki, I learn a lot of lore off this site. I'll do every thing I can to help out TES wiki. 

Goals[edit | edit source]

  1. Help the Elder Scrolls wiki in anyway that I can
  2. Work on Oblivion stub articles
  3. Get 1000 edits

Birthday[edit | edit source]

I turned 18 this year, I thank God who has been protecting me. I got Elder Scrolls Online for my birthday so I am excited to play it. 

ESO[edit | edit source]

So after playing ESO I must say that it is a good game. PVP in my opinion, is the best part about it because you get to siege forts. Although I must say, I still think single player TES games is still the way to go. ESO's side quests just don't have the same depth as a regular Elder Scrolls game. I'm not to impressed with the lore either, I mean the Ebonheart pact is made up of Nords, Argonians, and the Dumner. Nords were raiding and fighting Dumner in Morrowind in years past and the Dumner were enslaving Argonians right up until this pact started. Now for some reason they fight side by side. What really gets me is the Dumner enslaving Argonians, I mean Dumner have been enslaving Argonians for years and years and now all of a sudden the Argonians decide to fight with the very same elves who have been buying and selling them and throwing them in cages. Listen I'm not trying to trash all of the lore because I do find it interesting, however, some of it just doesn't add up.

Michael Kirkbride[edit | edit source]

Alright I'm going to get straight to the point here... I'm not a fan of Kirkbride's because he thinks that every fans lore should be considered canon. To me, I think that would absolutely destroy Elder Scrolls lore. I think that the only lore that should actually be considered canon is if it is confirmed by Bethesda or Zenimax. Personally, I don't consider all of Kirkbride's lore canon. Now I do realize that Bethesda has put a lot of Kirkbride's lore into Elder Scrolls games, there by confirming it as canon, however I think that it is key to note that Bethesda hasn't confirmed all of Kirkbride's lore as canon. Really, I'm fine if Bethesda keeps using some of his lore, but I just don't want them confirming C0DA or some of his views that might be to extreme. And to clear things up, I do have respect for Kirkbride; because of him, some of the best and most interesting lore in this series was created. Morrowind's lore in my opinion, is some of the best ever, and a lot of it came from Kirkbride. I think it was a mistake for me to demand his page be removed off this wiki, he's helped with a lot of the Elder Scrolls games lore and he deserves his own page.

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