aka HB

  • I live in Jakarta
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is " I'm not the best guy there is and I'm only here to increase and share my knowledge with anyone"
  • I am Male

Welcome  Blackhand-chat.png

I know my profile s*cks, so please forgive me.

MUI (My ∩se⌐£ss InfΘbΘx)Edit

Powers None
Artifacts PC of Acer

The Ancient X-Box

Arch-Mage Sony's Playstation

Gender Male
Physical Form Human
Affiliation Neutral


I'm a High School Student,  Hobby is Reading anything that i can read. I am also the founder of the Indonesian TES, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken wiki.

Another thing is that.........I sometimes act weird but please i'm not a serial killer... so relax.

My Fav¤rite Gam≡sEdit

I suck at games, but i always managed to complete my games by working hard. From all games i've played, these are my favorite so far

  1. Assassin's Creed (Brotherhood, 2nd and  1st)
  2. The Elders Scrolls (Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim)
  3. Kingdom Hearts (2nd Final Mix, 1st Final Mix and Chain of Memories)
  4. GTA (San Andreas, 5th and 4th)
  5. Fight Night (Champion)
  6. Tekken (6th and 5th)
  7. Mortal Kombat (9th, Armageddon and X)

Brief Depicti¤n ¤f MeEdit

Class creation warrior FG-Defender TG-Bandit MagesGuildLogo2 BlackHand  Online ebonheart crest TESV Shrine Talos

Male Symbol Indonesia flag

Xbox360 logo PC Player

TESOnlineIconMiraakmaskChilds dollDawnguardFullHelmetSkyrim  Cheese WheelShield of the CrusaderTESOblivionIcon BM IceM Spear weaponHer Hand's Helmet (Tribunal)TESMorrowindIconTESDaggerfallLogoTESArenaLogo

My Fav¤rite TES CharacterEdit

  1. Last Dragonborn , " He is the mighty Dragonborn, he the one who have claimed many titles which all beings craved "
  2. Tiber Septim , " I do not care if anybody thought of him to be a bad person, he'll always be a great hero to me "
  3. Champion of Cyrodiil ,  "Of all people on Nirn, he is the one who deserve title Madgod "
  4. Wulfharth the Ash-King , " A man who have died and live for 3 times, could never possibly be an ordinary man "
  5. Nerevarine , " He will forever be Morrowinds greatest champion"
  6. Eternal Champion , " His name is enough to make me tremble out of respect "
  7. Voryn Dagoth , " His action may have gone to far, but his true purpose was actually for the good of his people "
  8. Martin Septim , " The bestest of friend i wish i still had "
  9. Pelinal Whitestrake , " His good deeds preceeds his bad "
  10. Zurin Arctus , " His mysterious life makes me like him even more "

My Favorite OC'sEdit

Eternal ChampionHero of DaggerfallNerevarineHero of KvatchLast DragonbornMy TES Heroes
About this image

Here are the bio of my favorite OC from each TES game i have :

My H¤pes & Dreams F¤r TES WikiEdit

  1. Be a useful editor, nothing more or less
  2. Be a good wikian who comply with the rules
  3. Edit pages as factual as it could be
  4. See a picture in every single pages of TES wikia
  5. See TES wikia on top of the game Wikipedia list
  6. Make people happy and smile
  7. Proudly strikethrough one of my hopes and dreams above


Just so you know , this is the name of my bestest friend in this wiki

♚ <insert name here> ♚

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