HeliosHair UK

aka Michael

  • I live in England
  • I was born on April 23
  • My occupation is College
  • I am Male

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I was born o... oh forget it, I'm just going to talk about ELDER SCROLLS and my history of playing it. People probably won't care or read this... but oh well.

I first started playing Elder Scrolls in 2012... by accident. Around that time I had a little bit of extra money, and I wanted a good RPG to play. I had heard of the Elder Scrolls from my friends, so I went down to GAME and bought it. Looking at the case, I thought: 'Probably another waste of time and money' but when I played it, I was SHELLSHOCKED and ever since I have been addicted to this game. I have invested 1000+ hours into skyrim, and I have a PS3... yes, people, it IS possible. Then I HAD to get the other four, this is my rating from best(top) to worst(bottom)(Most people disagree with my rating BTW):

Skyrim(Do I need to say anything?)

Oblivion(Much like skyrim, but alot more simple and 'cartoony')

Daggerfall(SO MUCH TO DO)

Arena(A very raw slice of good classical gaming with an Elder Scrolls Image)

Morrowind(This game was boring and confusing)

In Arena, my character was a Nord knight known as Erik Blood-Shield. In daggerfall, it was a Wood Elf known as Maldolir who was a mage. In morrowind, I was an Imperial known as Rehsinav Cato who was a thief who was raised in Leyawiin. In oblivion, I was a high elf named Tsooncano. In skyrim I was a Breton known as Denzil Jak.

And that's it. 

Oh and there really needs to be an emporer called Jericho, Medatron and Barthalomaus. jus sayin

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