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At the Wiki:

I'm one of the active Administrators on this wiki. I check this site several times a day at least, so if you need anything or have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave comments on my talk page.

I've been playing Oblivion since it was released. Though I have not played the game extensively, I have a pretty good idea of what fills the world of Oblivion, as well as some knowledge of the lore behind The Elder Scrolls games and the world of Nirn.

Unfortunately, Oblivion no longer works on my PC for some bizarre reason, but the Construction Set still works at least.

You can also view my contributions here.

At Work:

Recently finished my second and last year of College classes in the Computer Aided Drafting and Design program. Also just finished my practicum, and may stay with my current employer over the summer. I'll be moving to Edmonton AB, Canada this fall as I'm hoping to get into 3D modeling, which there isn't much of where I live now. I find that I'm primarily interested in Architectural and Mechanical modeling and/or drafting.

At Play:

Currently playing several other games, in particular S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, Company of Heroes, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and the Hitman series. Upcoming games I'm anxiously looking forward to include Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, and Overlord.

As for other interests of mine, I like to read daily. Also, I love listening to Heavy Metal. My favorite artists include:

Death: Aeternus Bloodbath Blood Red Throne Corpsing
Death Master
Atmospheric Death: Dylath-Leen
Brutal Death: Severe Torture
Technical Death: Anata Decapitated Pavor
Black/Death: Arkhon Infaustus Akercocke Belphegor
Death/Thrash: Atheist Dauntless Defleshed
Melodic Death: Hypocrisy Scar Symmetry
Epic/Atmospheric Black: Summoning
Avant-Garde: Carnival in Coal
Power/Thrash: Shatter Messiah
Drone Doom: Nadja Sunn O)))
Bands with too many sub-genres: Gods Tower

Current Obliviowiki Project(s)Edit

Any input or help would be greatly appreciated on the following projects that I am focusing on.

Last revised 14:57, 3 January 2007 (CST)


  • House article needs to be split and cleaned into each individual house.

Knights of the Nine CollaborationEdit

Ingredients and FloraEdit

  • Ingredients list
    • Expand and complete articles for each individual ingredient
    • Analyze use info and relay general area(s) where each flora type can be found

Work on levelled enchanted weapons/armor/itemsEdit

Add charges and uses to all enchanted weapons

Next Obliviowiki Project(s)Edit

Books listEdit

  • Go through Category:Books and make sure every book has it's own article and that each article is complete. (User:Cracko is was working on this)
  • Include books from official plug-ins

Tamriel CollaborationEdit

Maps maps and more mapsEdit

Other things that don't belong in any particular categoryEdit

Current CharacterEdit


My last character

Primary Attributes:




  • Start new character

Mods I Have EnjoyedEdit

Note: I haven't updated this section for a while as I really can't be bothered, so some of the links may no longer work or there may be newer (or better) versions of these mods out.

  • Recommended: Ruined-Tail's Tale v1.00[1]
  • Recommended: Ranger V3 [2]
  • Recommended: Modular Oblivion Enhanced r13 [3]
  • Recommended: Aundae In Cyrodiil [4]
  • Recommended: Mountain Tower [5]
  • Arena Loot [6]
  • Landmarks [7]
  • Natural Environments [8]
  • Useful Adoring Fan [9]
  • Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul [10]
  • Misc Tracker [11]
  • Illumination Within [12]
  • Worthwhile Thievery [13]
  • Companion Share and Recruit [14]
  • Capes and Cloaks [15]
  • Encyclopaedia Cyrodiilica [16]
  • Living Economy [17]
  • Jhaerik's Conjuration mod v1.2
  • Lamps of Oblivion v1.0[18]
  • Martigens Monster Mod v1.5 [19]

Old CharactersEdit

This section only includes characters that I feel are "finished."


My first "Lich" character

Name: Hellhound (because I'm also very creative :-) )
Race: High Elf (formerly, now a Lich (see Modular Oblivion Enhanced))
Sex: Male
Birthsign: The Apprentice
Class: Mage (pre-made)
Level: 20
Primary Attributes:


Alchemy Alchemy

Alteration Alteration

Conjuration Conjuration

Destruction Destruction

Illusion Illusion

Mysticism Mysticism

Restoration Restoration


All except the Thieves Guild, if I remember correctly.


  • 15 Days passed (I rushed)
  • 48 quests completed
  • 67 fame
  • 120 infamy
  • 513 items stolen
  • 256 creatures killed
  • 164 people killed
  • 507 potions made
  • 17 jokes told (Hey I'm a Lich not a Bard ;-) )
  • 80 spells in spell book (not including about two dozen G/L powers)
==Test Page==

[[User:Hellhound43/testpage|my testing page]] testing page #2

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