• I live in Kent
  • My occupation is Student

"And the Scrolls have foretold, of black wings in the cold (well not wings, more fingers really. But it is cold, ish)." Point is, I hath returned!.

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Welcome to the my user page. I am a fan of the Elder Scrolls Series, having first played Skyrim and worked my way backwards and am currently playing (and writing articles about) Morrowind. I always swear about whose idea it was to not have fast travel in Morrowind whenever i play it and have to do the same quest at least twice due to glitches (still it wouldn't be the same without them would it). As such I probably won't partake in any of the roleplaying boards or bother with blogs, but you never know.

On an additional (and I suspect pointless) note, I admin at the BTCC and DTM wikis, and founded the Formula E Wiki. Feel free to help us out on there if you know about motorsport.

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Completed Projects:

Future/ongoing projects:


So far I have gained two Sai's Affliction badges:

I also proudly declare that I was the first person on the Wiki to earn the Daedric Prince badge for the Morrowind Quest articles, before it was cool in other words.


So maybe I should add myself to some groups, now that my fomer Morrowind campaign hath been picked up (for the better we can all but hope).

Indoril Shield MW This TESWikian was a member of Guild Morrowind
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