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  • I live in The Netherlands
  • I was born on August 8
  • I am Male
Skyrim This TESWikian is knowledgeable about Wiki's. Feel free to ask questions!

Also known as: Jibsta-Man. Currently residing in the Void. My mind is like a smart rat running and running through a unsolvable maze in order to stay alive. My puzzle is the never ending, unchanging nothingness and the inevitable change, Order and Chaos, Light and Darkness, the Everlasting Ineffable Light and the Corrupting Inexpressible Action, the Gray Maybe, Creation or Birth, Immortal becomes Mortal, Dragon God of Time is simultaneously the World-Eater, and everything that is conflicted, corrupted, lost in time (or the recreation of it, due to a Brass God that breaks time everytime it is activated) and incomprehensible. Next stop: The distruction of reality as we know it.

About meEdit

I'm a big fan of The Elder Scrolls. I'm currently working on a pretty big ambitious mod and for that, I'm delving deep into the lore of the creation of Nirn, the et'Ada, The Towers upholding reality, The Thalmor and their motivations.

I previously only searched on the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages, but I find that the articles I'm looking for right now, are of better quality here, so keep up the good work!

Skyrim Main Quest OverhaulEdit

That is the name of the mod I´m working on. Plans are to make the Main Quest more tough. In the struggle to fight the dragons and ultimately Alduin, you will need allies! And thus the Blades get a big expansion, from simply guidance and suppliers of information, towards a group of dragon hunters, aiding the Dragonborn in his fight, sacrifcing their lives for... YOU! And there will be a lot more fighting dragons and a lot more devastation by dragon fire. You can find the discussion on Nexus Mod Forums.

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