The Exhalted Skyrim Armor Project

Standard IntrosEdit

Craftable and set armorEdit

  • xxxxxxxx is/are a piece of [[Heavy Armor (Skyrim)|heavy armor]] and part of the xxxxxxxx set found in {{skyrim}}.
  • xxxxxxxx is/are a piece of [[Light Armor (Skyrim)|light armor]] and part of the xxxxxxxx set found in {{skyrim}}.

Unique and no setEdit

  • xxxxxxxx is/are a [[Unique Armor (Skyrim)|unique]] [[Heavy Armor (Skyrim)|heavy armor]] or [[Light Armor (Skyrim)|light armor]] helmet/shield etc found in {{skyrim}}.

Unique variantsEdit

  • xxxxxxxx is/are a [[Unique Armor (Skyrim)|unique]] xxxxxxxxx found in {{skyrim}}.

Shields - craftable and setEdit

  • xxxxxxxx is a [[Heavy Armor (Skyrim)|heavy]] or [[Light Armor (Skyrim)|light]] [[Shields (Skyrim)|shield]] and part of the xxxxxxxx set found in {{skyrim}}.

Shields - unique and no setEdit

xxxxxxxx is a [[Unique Armor (Skyrim)|unique]] [[Heavy Armor (Skyrim)|heavy]] or [[Light Armor (Skyrim)|light]] [[Shields (Skyrim)|shield]] found in {{skyrim}}.

Infobox ClassesEdit

1. ArmorEdit

  • [[Heavy Armor (Skyrim)|Heavy Armor]], [[Armor (Skyrim)#Headgear|Helmet/Mask/Hood]]
  • [[Heavy Armor (Skyrim)|Heavy Armor]], [[Armor (Skyrim)#Cuirasses|Cuirass]]
  • [[Heavy Armor (Skyrim)|Heavy Armor]], [[Armor (Skyrim)#Boots|Boots]]
  • [[Heavy Armor (Skyrim)|Heavy Armor]], [[Armor (Skyrim)#Gauntlets|Gauntlets]]
  • [[Light Armor (Skyrim)|Light Armor]], [[Armor (Skyrim)#Headgear|Helmet/Mask/Hood]]
  • [[Light Armor (Skyrim)|Light Armor]], [[Armor (Skyrim)#Cuirasses|Cuirass]]
  • [[Light Armor (Skyrim)|Light Armor]], [[Armor (Skyrim)#Boots|Boots]]
  • [[Light Armor (Skyrim)|Light Armor]], [[Armor (Skyrim)#Gauntlets|Gauntlets]]

2. ShieldsEdit

  • [[Heavy Armor (Skyrim)|Heavy Armor]], [[Shields (Skyrim)|Shield]]
  • [[Light Armor (Skyrim)|Light Armor]], [[Shields (Skyrim)|Shield]]

Location headerEdit

Locations for typical - Acquisition for uniques

Unenchanted armor/boots/gauntelts/helmets will begin to appear throughout [[Skyrim]] at [[Character Level|level]] xxxxxxxxxx and [[Enchanted Armor (Skyrim)|enchanted]] variants can be found at level xxxxxxxxxx. These locations include:

*[[Blacksmiths (Skyrim)|Blacksmiths]] and [[General Goods Merchants (Skyrim)|general goods merchants]].

*Found as [[Random Loot (Skyrim)|random loot]] in [[Storage (Skyrim)#Chest|chests]] or as a [[Items#World items|world item]].

*Dropped as random loot by xxxxxxxxxx.


1. CraftableEdit

A xxxxxxxxx requires a [[Smithing]] level of xxxxxxxxx and the xxxxxxxxx perk to create. It can be forged at a [[Forge|blacksmith's forge]] with the following components:

  • 1 ×
  • 1 ×
  • 1 ×
  • 1 ×

It can be upgraded with a xxxxxxxxx at a [[workbench]] and also benefits from the xxxxxxxxx perk, which doubles the improvement.

2. Non craftable/unique + enchanted + perkEdit

xxxxxxxxx can be upgraded at a [[workbench]] with xxxxxxxxx and the [[Arcane Blacksmith]] perk. It also benefits from the xxxxxxxxx perk, which doubles the improvement.

3. Non craftable/unique + enchanted + no perkEdit

xxxxxxxxx can be upgraded at a [[workbench]] with xxxxxxxxx and the [[Arcane Blacksmith]] perk, however it does not benefit from any [[Smithing#Perks|smithing perks]]. This means the armor cannot be improved past [[Smithing#Improvement|flawless]] quality without boosting the Smithing skill over 100. This can be achieved by using [[Fortify Smithing#Enchanting|enchanted]] items and/or [[Fortify Smithing#Potions|blacksmithing potions]] to [[Fortify Smithing]].


Wearing this piece of armor grants the following skill bonuses:

xxxxxxxxx: xxxxxxxxx points

Armor SetsEdit

Light Armor Sets Heavy Armor Sets
Ancient Falmer Armor DG Ahzidal's Armor DR
Ancient Shrouded Armor Ancient Nord Armor
Armor of the Old Gods Blades Armor
Blackguard's Armor DR Bonemold Armor DR
Chitin Armor DR Chitin Heavy Armor DR
Dawnguard Armor DG Daedric Armor
Deathbrand Armor DR Dawnguard Heavy Armor DG
Dragonscale Armor Dragonplate Armor
Elven Armor Dwarven Armor
Fur Armor Ebony Armor
Glass Armor Falmer Armor
Guild Master's Armor Set Falmer Hardened Armor DG
Hide Armor Falmer Heavy Armor DG
Imperial Light Armor Imperial Armor
Leather Armor Improved Bonemold Armor DR
Linwe's Armor Set Iron Armor
Morag Tong Armor DR Nordic Carved Armor DR
Nightingale Armor Orcish Armor
Penitus Oculatus Armor Stalhrim Armor DR
Scaled Armor Steel Armor
Shrouded Armor Steel Plate Armor
Skaal Armor DR Wolf Armor
Stalhrim Light Armor DR
Stormcloak Armor
Stormcloak Officer Armor
Thieves Guild Armor
Worn Shrouded Armor
Forsworn Armor


Light Headgear
Ancient Shrouded Cowl
Blackguard's Hood DR
Chitin Helmet DR
Cultist Mask DR
Dawnguard Helmet DG
Deathbrand Helm DR
Dragonscale Helmet
Elven Helmet
Elven Light Helmet
Falkreath Guard's Helmet
Forsworn Headdress
Fur Helmet
Glass Helmet
Guild Master's Hood
Helmet of the Old Gods
Hide Helmet
Hjaalmarch Guard's Helmet
Imperial Light Helmet
Leather Helmet
Linwe's Hood
Markarth Guard's Helmet
Miraak DR
Morag Tong Hood DR
Nightingale Hood
Noster's Helmet
Pale Guard's Helmet
Penitus Oculatus Helmet
Riften Guard's Helmet
Scaled Helmet
Shrouded Cowl
Shrouded Cowl Maskless
Skaal Hat DR
Solitude Guard's Helmet
Stalhrim Light Helmet DR
Stormcloak Helmet
Stormcloak Officer Helmet
Thieves Guild Hood
Whiterun Guard's Helmet
Winterhold Guard's Helmet
Wooden Mask
Worn Shrouded Cowl
Heavy Headgear
Ahzidal DR
Ahzidal's Helm of Vision DR
Ancient Helmet of the Unburned
Ancient Nord Helmet
Blades Helmet
Bonemold Helmet DR
Chitin Heavy Helmet DR
Daedric Helmet
Dawnguard Full Helmet DG
Dragonplate Helmet
Dukaan DR
Dwarven Helmet
Ebony Helmet
Falmer Helmet
Falmer Hardened Helm DG
Falmer Heavy Helm DG
Helm of Winterhold
Helm of Yngol
Imperial Helmet
Imperial Helmet (Closed)
Imperial Officer's Helmet
Improved Bonemold Helmet DR
Iron Helmet
Masque of Clavicus Vile
Miraak DR
Nordic Carved Helmet DR
Orcish Helmet
Shellbug Helmet DG
Stalhrim Helm DR
Steel Helmet
Steel Horned Helmet
Steel Plate Helmet
The Jagged Crown
Visage of Mzund DR
Wolf Helmet
Zahkriisos DR


Light Cuirasses
Ancient Falmer Cuirass DG
Ancient Shrouded Armor
Armor of the Old Gods
Blackguard's Armor DR
Chitin Armor DR
Dawnguard Armor DG
Deathbrand Armor DR
Dragonscale Armor
Elven Armor
Elven Gilded Armor
Elven Light Armor
Falkreath Guard's Armor
Forsworn Armor
Fur Armor
Glass Armor
Guild Master's Armor
Hide Armor
Hjaalmarch Guard's Armor
Imperial Light Armor
Leather Armor
Linwe's Armor
Markarth Guard's Armor
Morag Tong Armor DR
Nightingale Armor
Pale Guard's Armor
Penitus Oculatus Armor
Riften Guard's Armor
Savior's Hide
Scaled Armor
Shrouded Armor
Skaal Coat DR
Solitude Guard's Armor
Stalhrim Light Armor DR
Stormcloak Cuirass
Stormcloak Officer Armor
Studded Armor
Studded Imperial Armor
Thieves Guild Armor
Vampire Armor DG
Vampire Royal Armor DG
Whiterun Guard's Armor
Winterhold Guard's Armor
Worn Shrouded Armor
Heavy Cuirasses
Ahzidal's Armor of Retribution DR
Ancient Nord Armor
Banded Iron Armor
Blades Armor
Bonemold Armor DR
Bonemold Guard Armor DR
Bonemold Pauldron Armor DR
Chitin Heavy Armor DR
Daedric Armor
Dawnguard Heavy Armor DG
Dragonplate Armor
Dwarven Armor
Ebony Armor
Ebony Mail
Falmer Armor
Falmer Hardened Armor DG
Falmer Heavy Armor DG
General Tullius' Armor
Imperial Armor
Improved Bonemold Armor DR
Iron Armor
Nordic Carved Armor DR
Orcish Armor
Stalhrim Armor DR
Steel Armor
Steel Plate Armor
Wolf Armor


Light Boots
Ancient Falmer Boots DG
Ancient Shrouded Boots
Blackguard's Boots DR
Boots of the Old Gods
Chitin Boots DR
Dawnguard Boots DG
Deathbrand Boots DR
Dragonscale Boots
Elven Boots
Elven Light Boots
Forsworn Boots
Fur Boots
Fur Shoes
Glass Boots
Guild Master's Boots
Hide Boots
Imperial Light Boots
Leather Boots
Linwe's Boots
Miraak's Boots DR
Morag Tong Boots DR
Movarth's Boots
Nightingale Boots
Penitus Oculatus Boots
Predator's Grace
Scaled Boots
Shrouded Boots
Skaal Boots DR
Stalhrim Light Boots DR
Stormcloak Officer Boots
Thieves Guild Boots
Vampire Boots DG
Worn Shrouded Boots
Heavy Boots
Ahzidal's Boots of Waterwalking DR
Ancient Nord Boots
Blades Boots
Bonemold Boots DR
Chitin Heavy Boots DR
Daedric Boots
Dawnguard Heavy Boots DG
Dragonplate Boots
Dwarven Boots
Ebony Boots
Falmer Boots
Falmer Hardened Boots DG
Falmer Heavy Boots DG
Imperial Boots
Improved Bonemold Boots DR
Iron Boots
Nordic Carved Boots DR
Orcish Boots
Stalhrim Boots DR
Steel Cuffed Boots
Steel Plate Boots
Steel Shin Boots
Wolf Boots


Light Gauntlets
Ancient Falmer Gauntlets DG
Ancient Shrouded Gloves
Blackguard's Gloves DR
Chitin Bracers DR
Cultist Gloves DR
Dawnguard Gauntlets DG
Deathbrand Gauntlets DR
Dragonscale Gauntlets
Elven Gauntlets
Elven Light Gauntlets
Fine Armguards
Forsworn Gauntlets
Fur Bracers
Fur Gauntlets
Gauntlets of the Old Gods
Gilded Wristguards
Glass Gauntlets
Gloves of the Pugilist
Guild Master's Gloves DR
Hide Bracers
Imperial Light Bracers
Leather Bracers
Linwe's Gloves
Miraak's Gloves DR
Morag Tong Bracers DR
Nightingale Gloves
Penitus Oculatus Bracers
Scaled Bracers
Shrouded Gloves
Skaal Gloves DR
Stalhrim Light Bracers DR
Stormcloak Officer Bracers
Thieves Guild Gloves
Tumblerbane Gloves
Ulfric's Bracers
Vampire Gauntlets DG
Worn Shrouded Gloves
Heavy Gauntlets
Ahzidal's Gauntlets of Warding DR
Ancient Nord Gauntlets
Blades Gauntlets
Bonemold Gauntlets DR
Chitin Heavy Gauntlets DR
Daedric Gauntlets
Dawnguard Heavy Gauntlets DG
Dragonplate Gauntlets
Dwarven Gauntlets
Ebony Gauntlets
Falmer Gauntlets
Falmer Hardened Gauntlets DG
Falmer Heavy Gauntlets DG
Imperial Bracers
Improved Bonemold Gauntlets DR
Iron Gauntlets
Ironhand Gauntlets
Nordic Carved Gauntlets DR
Orcish Gauntlets
Stalhrim Gauntlets DR
Steel Imperial Gauntlets
Steel Nordic Gauntlets
Steel Plate Gauntlets
The Forgemaster's Fingers
Wolf Gauntlets


Light Shields
Chitin Shield DR
Dawnguard Rune Shield DG
Dragonscale Shield
Elven Shield
Glass Shield
Herebane's Fortress
Hide Shield
Imperial Light Shield
Stalhrim Shield DR
Heavy Shields
Aela's Shield
Aetherial Shield DG
Auriel's Shield DG
Banded Iron Shield
Blades Shield
Bonemold Shield DR
Daedric Shield
Dawnguard Shield DG
Dragonplate Shield
Dwarven Shield
Ebony Shield
Falkreath Guard's Shield
Falmer Shield
Hjaalmarch Guard's Shield
Hrolfdir's Shield
Imperial Shield
Improved Bonemold Shield DR
Iron Shield
Markarth Guard's Shield
Nordic Shield DR
Orcish Shield
Pale Guard's Shield
Riften Guard's Shield
Roggi's Ancestral Shield
Shield of Solitude
Shield of Ysgramor
Solitude Guard's Shield
Steel Shield
Targe of the Blooded
Whiterun Guard's Shield
Windhelm Guard's Shield
Winterhold Guard's Shield


Amulet of Articulation
Diadem of the Savant
Locket of Saint Jiub DG
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