General Etiquette Guidelines

  • Assume good faith.
  • Remember The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you—even if they are new.
  • Be polite. Be civil. Dont be a dick.
  • Argue facts, not personalities.
  • Do not make misrepresentations.
  • Do not ignore reasonable questions.
  • Concede a point when you have no response to it, or admit when you disagree based on intuition or taste.
  • Although it is understandably difficult in an intense argument, if other editors are not as civil as you would like them to be, be more civil, not less. That way at least you are not moving towards open conflict and name-calling; by your own action you are actively doing something about it.
  • Do not hesitate to politely let the others know if you are not comfortable with their tone (e.g., "I feel that you have been sarcastic above, and I don't feel good about it. Let's try to resolve the issue").
  • Be prepared to apologize. In animated discussions, we often say things we later wish we had not. Say so.
  • Forgive and forget.
  • Recognize your own biases, and keep them in check.
  • Give praise when it's due. Everybody likes to feel appreciated, especially in an environment that often requires compromise. Drop a friendly note on users' talk pages.
  • Be courteous.
  • Help mediate disagreements between others.
  • If you are arguing, take a break. If you are mediating, recommend a break.
  • Take it slowly. If you are angry, spend time away from the wiki instead of chatting or editing. Come back in a day or a week.


Chat is a feature that allows users connect in real time on a wiki. Anyone with a Wikia account can join chat by clicking the "Join the Chat" or "Start a Chat" button on the right navigation rail. You can also access chat by visiting Special:Chat the wiki.

Wikia Chat

Guidelines and policies

By using the chat you agree to the "Terms of Use"

We want to make Chat a welcoming and helpful place for new and returning visitors alike. In order to best provide an environment in which we can give help and support to users who need it, please keep in mind the following guidelines when using Chat.


Please do not:

  • Link or otherwise reference any content (censored or uncensored) such as videos, pictures, etc. in the main chat that is one or more of:
Excessively gory
Otherwise NSFW material
  • Use excessive swears, or use swears against a fellow user.
  • Flood the chat with repetitive posts/ASCII art/song lyrics/nonsense/bot commands (If bots are introduced).
  • Use excessive amounts of capital letters or non-English languages.
  • Overuse emoticons/create multiple posts one after another containing solely emoticons.
  • Advertise. This includes advertisement of other websites, petitions, blogs and videos, among other topics.


Please do not:

  • Harass other users in any manner.
  • Ask for or give out without permission any personal information.
  • Discuss matters which other users may find offensive.
  • Post inciting messages or engage in trolling.
    • Including "passive trolling" - the process of making users uncomfortable without necessarily breaking any other rules.
  • Create drama by bringing real life issues into the chatroom which may disturb or upset others, or otherwise cause disruption.
  • Role play excessively.
  • Use the emoticons in a hostile manner.
  • Tread on moderators' feet. If there are moderators around, let them deal with any situations.
  • Flood the chat with repeated leaving and joining.


Evading a ban on an account using another account is strictly prohibited and doing this will result in the original account possibly having its ban extended, and any sockpuppet accounts being indefinitely banned.

Moderator guidelines

  • Moderators do not "outrank" other users. All users shall receive equal treatment.
  • Before a kick is given, a warning must be given to explain to the user what is wrong with their behaviour. Likewise, a warning must also be given before a ban.
  • The sole exceptions to this are offensive content/spam, and sockpuppet accounts.
  • Do not use threats to make a point.
  • Give bans only when necessary, and keep ban lengths as short as possible. Bans are at the discretion of moderators/admins, however they must still be kept appropriate.
  • Communicate with other moderators. If there is a disagreement, for example, about a ban, a civil discussion in a PM should ensue before any ban is undone.
  • If you feel uncomfortable dealing with a situation for any reason, do not hesitate to ask another moderator for help.

(Though these rules have moderators in mind, they do apply to all staff members.)

At all times, please comply with chat moderators and staff requests. Failure to do so may result in a warning which then may lead to you being kicked or banned from Chat.


  • There are a wide variety of emoticons which can be used in Chat. For the full list, see MediaWiki:Emoticons.
  • Links work exactly the same in Chat as they do in the editor. For example, typing [[Special:Forum]] in Chat results in Special:Forum - the main forum of Community Central.
  • You can make shorter links to other wikis by using an interwiki link. For example, typing [[w:c:starwars]] in Chat results in w:c:starwars - an easy way to link to Wookieepedia (
  • You can also link to specific pages using this method. Typing [[w:c:avatar:Aang]] in Chat results in a link to the Aang page on Avatar Wiki (

See also

IRC channel

The Elder Scrolls Wiki also has an IRC channel (#TESWiki), which is located here. If you prefer to use your own IRC client, click here for details on setting it up. Keep in mind IRC is separate from Wikia Chat.

The IRC is also used by the Elder Scrolls Wiki staff to patrol the recent changes feed in real-time via the #TESWiki/CVN channel (Counter Vandalism Network). Anyone is permitted to join this channel.

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