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*[[The Gardener of Men]]
*[[The Gardener of Men]]
*[[At the Summit of Apocrypha]]
*[[At the Summit of Apocrypha]]
*[[A New Source Of Stalhrim]]
*[[A New Source of Stalhrim]]
*[[Lost Legacy]]
*[[Lost Legacy]]
*[[Healing a House]]
*[[Healing a House]]
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"In these difficult times, we must count on persons such as you to secure our borders from bandits and rabble-rousers. We all profit by your lawful pursuit of the unlawful."Countess Alessia Caro[src]

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Hi, I'm Jimeee. I'm an Administrator on TESwiki. I do several different things around here such as templates edits, updates, tidying up pages, lore, adding ID's etc. I'm also fanatical about categorization.

Any questions feel free to leave a message on my talk page. J.svgI.svgM.svgE.svgE.svgE.svg

Projects i'm working on now

The fearsome Swee-Troll.


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Pages I've worked on

The following are pages I've either heavily contributed towards or built up from the ground.











Projects completed

  • Working on Oblivion pages - mainly Oblivion: Cities and doing the same as I did for Skyrim. (Adding Charatacters, Locations, Quests)
  • Locations (Skyrim) page to list all locations.
  • Finished Enchanted Weapons (Skyrim)
  • Finished Armor Sets (Skyrim)
  • Re-did Houses (Skyrim), split up into sections and added spouse/shacks etc.
  • Added local maps to the all Skyrim city pages with a photoshopped legend in the style of the Skyrim interface.
  • Re-arranged and organized the following pages. Effects as a category covers both Abilities and Powers.
  • Right now I'm working on categorising all the Characters, Locations, Quests for each of the cities for better organisation. See main Skyrim: Cities page. - DONE
  • All locations have the correct infobox template - DONE
  • Castles templates - DONE.
  • Dragon Shouts page tables re-styled - DONE
  • Bodies of water pages. - DONE
  • Items pages templates need minor tweaking - DONE
  • Build the Weapons and Armors pages templates - DONE

Skyrim Characters

Haknir Snow-Strider, Level 252 Demigod

A male Nord Shezzarine.

Martok, Level 70 Warrior

A male Nord warrior. Playtime: 371

Wrex gro-Wargul, Level 81 Berserker

A male Orc warrior. Playtime: 231

Navi, Level 81 Pyromancer

A female Altmer pure mage. Playtime: 206

Traven Indoril, Level 81 Battlemage

A male Dunmer mage/assassin. Playtime: 51:59

J'zeem, Level 81 Rogue

A male Khajiit archer. Playtime: 187

Wulfharth, Level 81 Warrior

A male Nord warrior. Playtime: 19:31:15

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