Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls
  • 07:43:43: RenzXVI: Hi Ashley.
  • 07:43:55: The Beautiful Princess Ashley: hi
  • 07:44:04: RenzXVI: you should see the film called Lez Bomb.
  • 07:44:19: The Beautiful Princess Ashley: what kind of film is that?
  • 07:45:05: RenzXVI: It's about a lesbian girl who tries to come out as a lesbian to her family during Thanksgiving but her male roommate suddenly appears and ruins it. The parents assume he was the mystery partner of the girl.
  • 07:45:14: RenzXVI: It's a comedy.
  • 07:45:36: The Beautiful Princess Ashley: ah
  • 07:46:30: The Beautiful Princess Ashley: i have tons of things i still need to watch though
  • 07:46:41: RenzXVI: :p
  • 16:48:24: KINMUNE: Hello there, Masidillia!
  • 23:45:12: RenzXVI: Zoder!
  • 23:45:21: RenzXVI: Stan Lee has died!
  • 23:49:25: RenzXVI: I couldn't sleep at all last night.
  • 23:50:00: RenzXVI: He should've lived until 195 not just 95.
  • 23:53:37: Zoder: Oh wow, I didn't realize.
  • 23:54:05: RenzXVI: I got drunk yesterday while watching documentaries about him and cried for 4 hours.
  • 23:54:31: Zoder: .. because an 95 year old man who made millions of dollars and lived a long, successful life, died?
  • 23:54:59: RenzXVI: No, because he won't be around to make sure Marvel is good and DC sucks.
  • 23:55:15: RenzXVI: And I won't see him do a cameo in every Marvel movie anymore.
  • 23:55:46: Zoder: That's very sad to think about.
  • 23:56:56: Zoder: Do you have a favorite superhero?
  • 23:57:35: RenzXVI: It used to be Green Lantern but since DC sucks, I switched to Ironman.
  • 23:58:11: Zoder: I like Wolverine.