Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls
  • 00:10:49: RenzXVI: https://streamable.com/dfccn
  • 10:16:07: RenzXVI: Excelsior!
  • 10:16:27: RenzXVI: With grape powder comes grape juice possibility!
  • 10:18:40: High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia: ello :3
  • 10:19:43: RenzXVI: I feel bad I've been watching Justice League, Batman, Batman Beyond and Static Shock, all DC cartoons this whole month during Stan Lee's death.
  • 23:44:09: Masidillia: I saw the Stan Lee profile pic and got sad, how dare thou do such a thing?
  • 23:45:04: RenzXVI: Excelsior!
  • 23:48:36: Masidillia: whyyyyyyyy
  • 23:48:59: RenzXVI: https://streamable.com/dfccn
  • 23:50:00: Masidillia: that physically hurt me
  • 23:50:37: RenzXVI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnByuUqMeko
  • 23:50:38: KINMUNE: Every Stan Lee Cameo Ever (1989-2018)
  • 23:53:52: RenzXVI: It hurt me more when I found out about Stan Lee's death from my sister-in-law which was asking me who Stan Lee was because he was all over facebook.
  • 23:54:21: RenzXVI: I gave her Stan Lee documentaries to watch.