Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls
  • 11:54:57: RenzXVI: hi
  • 11:55:17: The Beautiful Princess Ashley: hi
  • 12:09:55: RenzXVI: I think I am gonna get the flu again.
  • 12:10:03: RenzXVI: It figures, it's Christmas!
  • 12:14:44: The Beautiful Princess Ashley: your christmas gift from God. you get to have headaches and a fever and fucking freeze to death
  • 12:15:36: RenzXVI: I wonder if you can overdose on vitamin c. Maybe this can help prevent it, at least.
  • 12:15:58: RenzXVI: Well, I do believe in the power of placebo. Lol
  • 12:16:03: The Beautiful Princess Ashley: you can't overdose on vitamin c, you just pee out all the vitamin c you don't need.
  • 12:16:30: RenzXVI: Good. I'll take as much vitamin c as I can then.
  • 12:16:33: The Beautiful Princess Ashley: unless you have a really fucked up diet, you don't have a vitamin c deficiency though
  • 12:29:18: RenzXVI: Yeah, I just wanna try to do something to prevent this from being a full blown flu.
  • 12:29:40: RenzXVI: I'll take 3x more vitamin crap than usual.
  • 12:31:37: The Beautiful Princess Ashley: that won't work. the placebo effect isn't that powerful.
  • 12:32:28: RenzXVI: it is for me.
  • 12:34:37: The Beautiful Princess Ashley: no it isn't. it can alleviate symptoms, but it never prevents or cures the actual problem
  • 12:38:02: RenzXVI: Like energy drinks, for example. I know my energy drinks have some vitamins in it, I don't even know which ones but since energy drinks boost up my alertness energy and since it tastes good, it puts me in a good mood. Makes me think I am instantly healthier, my body can fight off diseases better and I'd have a slightly longer life-span. And since my life-span is longer, I'll be able to do more things that I wanna do and maybe it will allow me to live until time-machines are invented which means I am essentially immortal!
  • 12:38:20: RenzXVI: Except it's Christmas, nothing will work and I am lucky if I don't slowly die.
  • 12:38:39: RenzXVI: That's how powerful placebo can be.
  • 12:39:40: The Beautiful Princess Ashley: lol
  • 12:40:11: The Beautiful Princess Ashley: energy drinks con tain way too much caffeine and sugar though. they're very bad for you
  • 12:41:03: RenzXVI: Mine is sugar free. But I do drink it for the caffeine.
  • 14:14:25: RenzXVI: Hi slug
  • 14:15:09: RenzXVI: Since you are Santa, I, the Grinch, request that you give this gift to kids. https://imgur.com/gallery/FNTOZrp
  • 14:24:56: RenzXVI: https://www.indy100.com/article/mum-buys-son-scary-spider-toy-8671076