Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls
  • 00:29:09: KINMUNE: Hello there, Zoder!
  • 00:34:22: Zoder: Hey.
  • 00:34:33: RenzXVI: hi
  • 00:45:34: RenzXVI: Mr. Bean's new movie is out
  • 00:48:06: RenzXVI: Everyone's hyping about the new Miss Universe, she's from our country.
  • 01:02:14: Zoder: Oh, that's awesome.
  • 01:02:30: RenzXVI: I knew you're a lesbian!
  • 01:03:41: Zoder: No!
  • 01:03:56: RenzXVI: So you do like the guy you keep messaging...
  • 01:11:43: Zoder: That's not true either.
  • 01:12:07: RenzXVI: Yeah, you just eat a lot of tofu and split into two.
  • 01:13:36: KINMUNE: Hello there, The Khajiit in the Hide Hat!
  • 01:17:40: Zoder: That's more accurate.
  • 01:22:06: The Khajiit in the Hide Hat: hello
  • 01:22:51: The Khajiit in the Hide Hat: what's up
  • 01:23:34: RenzXVI: I dunno, Ask Zoder.
  • 01:25:20: Zoder: Generally, what is "up" is the direction directly above one's head. Common things seen in the direction of "up" are: a roof, a fan, a lightbulb, a tree, a cloud, the sun, the sky, birds, planes, and many other things.
  • 01:26:02: RenzXVI: What if you were Spiderman and was hanging upside down, What is up?
  • 01:27:30: Zoder: Up to a bat is still up.
  • 01:27:48: Zoder: Up will forever be up and down will always be down. Down = toward the earth. Up = away from the earth.
  • 01:28:28: RenzXVI: Up is an animated Pixar/Disney film.
  • 01:31:00: Zoder: Yes, that's.. that's true.
  • 02:10:41: KINMUNE: Hello there, SlyAtex!
  • 17:25:02: KINMUNE: Hello there, Xpert0919!
  • 17:25:40: Xpert0919: dude when i use vampire lord my game lags so hard and completely breaks
  • 17:42:09: The Beautiful Princess Ashley: i never use it tbh
  • 21:45:16: The Khajiit in the Hide Hat: hi