Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls
  • 03:24:13: KINMUNE: Hello there, High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia!
  • 03:46:13: KINMUNE: Hello there, RenzXVI!
  • 08:39:40: KINMUNE: Hello there, RenzXVI!
  • 11:46:53: KINMUNE: Hello there, Nekyn Alb!
  • 11:47:05: RenzXVI: Hello slug thingy.
  • 11:47:58: Nekyn Alb: Hey green onion thingy
  • 11:48:50: RenzXVI: People here are randomly getting haircuts. Even my sister that hasn't changed her hairstyle since the first caveman sprouted hair. Her kid is also putting something on his hair and they were all telling him to scrub it in thoroughly. I suspect it's a case of lice. And now I can't help but imagine that I can feel crawling on my scalp...
  • 11:49:34: RenzXVI: I have the longest hair in this house... So this sucks.
  • 11:51:05: Nekyn Alb: Oh shit
  • 11:51:09: Nekyn Alb: They didn't tell you?
  • 11:51:21: Nekyn Alb: Better go and ask
  • 11:51:28: RenzXVI: No, they probably don't want to cause a panic.
  • 11:51:55: RenzXVI: But I have an IQ higher than 10 chickens, 2 cats and a llama so I figured it out.
  • 11:52:35: Nekyn Alb: Combined or ...?
  • 11:52:41: RenzXVI: Combined. Lol
  • 12:34:57: RenzXVI: Neckline Abs! I was right, I saw this in the bathroom. https://i.imgur.com/MQ9ALJJ.png
  • 12:37:23: RenzXVI: WHy did they have to get this plague during Christmas vacation while we are all trapped in the same house together?
  • 12:37:52: RenzXVI: And they have always went on vacation for years! Maybe ten years straight and this is the first time they didn't go on Christmas vacation.
  • 12:38:20: RenzXVI: This is one of those things that can only happen to me during Christmas.
  • 12:39:26: RenzXVI: Each year, something bad happens on December and a lot of other stuff that happens each year... That doesn't happen when it isn't December.
  • 13:48:45: Nekyn Alb: Damn
  • 13:48:55: Nekyn Alb: You'll have to burn them
  • 13:49:00: RenzXVI: lol
  • 14:18:21: RenzXVI: I have to sleep now. I was planning on staying up past midnight to prep for the Xmas sleep schedule but 10pm is close enough.
  • 14:18:24: RenzXVI: bye
  • 14:18:51: RenzXVI: BY the way, some areas in my country had an outbreak of the snail fever this week, you must be proud!
  • 17:15:05: KINMUNE: Hello there, Cielazure!
  • 19:25:13: KINMUNE: Hello there, Quentum!