I whispered in her ear, fear me dear, for i am death. I'll take your hope, your dreams, your love, til theres nothing left...

The great forest to the south-west of the continent has long been a buffer between the ambitions of the humans of Cyrodiil and the elves of Summerset. A sea of endless green, a maze of foliage with half-hidden cities growing like blooms from a flower, the home of the Bosmer is Tamriel's garden.


Elder Scrolls: Main: Aquila Thorohan, Bosmer Archer/Hunter/Ranger

Main Alt 1: Lupus Dravec, Imperial Companion/Writer/Alpha Werewolf

Main Alt 2: Lord Corvan Vanech VI, Imperial Contracter/Comissioner/Supllier/Vampire

Main Alt 3: Uruk-Gro-Hash, Orc Beastmaster/Falconer/Tracker/Hunter/Tamer/Large Weapon Expert

Main Alt 4: Tyrr-Bear Arms, Nord Stormcloak/Horse Tamer/Barbarian/Spearman

Main Alt 5: Dar Raska, Khajiit Renrijra Krin/Freedom Fighter/Skooma Dealer/Archer



Blessed Bow

Of Beast and Man.

IMPRISONMENT: After hearing the Precursor of Valenwood speak and celebrating in his home Provence, Aquila (a quick and nimble Bosmer) was taking his loyal friend and companion a Nord named Tyrr back to Skyrim they have been traveling for three weeks now by boat then by caravan now by foot. when they reached the boarder they gave each other a smile and the only words came from the Bosmer Aquila who said "Thanks" and quickly turned and walked off humming a little tune. The Bosmer Archer thought of what Tyrr was going to do without him. That Nord was always stirring trouble whether it be Inn Keepers or Guards Tyrr was always at fault for their mishaps. Aquila shrugged it off and kept walking but his keen senses alerted him that he was not alone, and soon enough two Boarder Guards wearing a mix of fur and chain mail armor stepped out from the shadows. "Who did you just drop off?" said one of them. Aquila remained silent and assumed these were a couple of guards Tyrr pissed off in the past. "Eh! don't make me repeat my self wood elf!" Aquila said two words calmly "A friend" "He's a friend of Tyrr!" one of the guards yelled. The Guards drew swords and one of them spit. Aquila began nocking an arrow, drawing his bow and guessing how far away the guards were. "15 yards" whispered Aquila. He calmly let go of the string on his Redwood Bow (He was allowed by the prophet of Valenwood to use a piece of redwood from a Great Redwood Tree to carve this beautiful recurve bow) the arrow flew true and hit the guard near his trachea. The guard lay flat on his back choking on his own blood. The second guard was already upon Aquila. The Bosmer dodged to the left and then stuck his short sword in the guards back. Aquila wiped the blood off his blade on the dead guards sleeve and sheathed it. He was about to flip over the guards body to examine it when seven boarder guards were upon him with their spears centimeters away from Aquila's throat. "Your under arrest" a chubby brown haired guard said. They took Aquila's weapons, clothes, (with an exception of pants and boots) and ruffled through his rucksack. They brought him to the dungeon in the city of Falkreath, under charges of two counts of murder, illegal boarder crossing, and an unknown poison or drug. (Dried caterpillar and grubs used for smoking in Valenwood) Little did they know that this imprisoned Bosmer is a master in the art of lock picking and may or may not of hidden a lock pick in his boots......

THE BLESSED BOW: At age 12 Aquila was already an expert archer, the best in his clan. He could hit any target proposed, and any beast in the thick forrest of Valenwood. It was finaly time for Aquila to create his own bow, for age twelve in his clan (Fara-szin) was the age of manhood. He needed materials to create his bow, so he was sent into the hostile forests of Valenwood to collect the items. The bow was to be fashioned from bone, the ends of the bow were two femurs from a large beast shaved down to a finger’s width to allow the bone to bend but not break. The femurs were connected to a humerus, the upper arm bone being covered by hard leather that wrapped around it and the bottom ends of the femurs, creating a handle. On the top femur a small skull had been slipped on near the bottom of the femur and the top of the handle, a skull of what looked like some kind of wolf or fox, the jawbone gone and the semicircle eye socket usable as a rest for the arrow. The bowstring was fashioned from sinew and tied to the ball joints of the femurs. All of this had been polished to a magnificent fine white sheen. After six months of carefully creating the deadly work of art, it was time to bless the bow. Aquila ventured once again into the deep forests of Valenwood in search of two ancient shrines dedicated to Jephre the bosmeri god of song, forest life, and guardian of rangers. And to Y'ffre the bosmeri spirit of the now, the forest deity, and the Ehlnofey. After reaching these two shrine Aquila set his newly fashioned bow at the base of the stone and bone shrines, sat down, pulled out his horn pipe, and began smoking tree grubs and meditating to the bosmeri gods to bless the bow. After three long days of meditation and prayer Aquila slowley opened his eyes and cringed at the bright light that was peaking through the overhanging trees. He slowley got up and reached for the bow. Aquila could feel power within the bow as he took out a bone arrow and placed the head in the eye socket of the skull, pulling back the string. He aimed at a small bird resting on a tree branch, and felt satisfaction in the thunk of the arrow as it struck the small bird. Shouldering the bow, and picking up the bird, he swiftly made his way through forest floor and back towards his home. His leather and fur quiver full of clanking bone arrows was slung across his back, right next to his blessed bow.

OF BEAST AND MAN: Lupus Dravec never knew his parents... He knew that they were Imperials (obviously) and that they used to reside somewhere in the chilly provence of Skyrim. He was raised by worshipers of the daedric prince Hircine. The leader of the followers Lucien, was an Imperial warrior and Companion who took on the burden of raising Lupus. He taught him the ways of the hunter... the ways of hircine. He also taught him in the ways of Blade, Hand to Hand, Archery, Light Armor, and Block/Reverse in hopes that one day he too would become a Companion. Lupus was exceptionaly good at using his unarmed body as a weapon as well as duel weilding blades. When Lucien began teaching him basic acedemics, Lupus was a natural writer and reader. He could write with exceptional vocabulary, spelling, gramer, and peminship. He could read any book placed in front of him. And he had a natural capability to learn new langueges. At age 13 Lucien brought Lupus into the city for the first time. He took him to the town of Riverwood to get supplies. Lupus was amazed at the amount of people working busily and the clamor of townsfolk amongst themselves, the chickens, cows, and boars making an asortment of noises, and he was most amazed with the dog. Kelso was the dogs name and he grew a strong relationship with the dog. Everytime he visited town he spent at least an hour of his day petting and interacting with the dog. At age 15 Lucien took Lupus to the Companions head quaters and signed him up. Lupus advanced his already mastered skills and rose through the ranks quick. At age 20 he was amongst the most highest ranking members in the Companions. He was soon given the chance to join The Circle. Lupus had never heard of The Circle nor did he know what was in store for him. Before Lucien and a few other high ranking members explained to him about The Circle, Lupus was forced to take an oath of silence, that he would never reveal what he was about to hear to anyone outside The Circle. He agreed and pened his name in blood. Lucien then began to tell him of his mother and father. "Lupus... your parents were both Companions just like you... and like you they were admited into The Circle.... After reciving their inciation "gift" they began there work... together they completed contracts and eventualy came under the watch of a group called The Silver-Hand... In short The Silver-Hand are enemies of The Circle and the Companions... they hunted down your mother and father... but little did they know, that you exsisted. I took you into hiding at the shrine of Hircine to protect you from the Silver-Hand... To protect you from the truth. You see... your mother, father, and all of us here in this room, including you... are werewolves... Thats why your mother and father were hunted down and killed because just like you... they had the blood of the beast flowing within them." Lupus was shocked and confused, but as Lucien continued explaining the truths and powers of the werewolves Lupus relized that The Circle was not the enemy but the victims and that they were just trying to survive and increase their fighting abilities, that the true enemy was The Silver-Hand. Lupus now had the choice of releasing his true form or to be exiled from the Companions. Lupus thought long and hard... but his ways of Hircine the prince of the hunt, and the beasts told him to unleash his gift. On a windy night with a full moon out, Lupus began the ritual. He was kneeling in a room full of windows on a stone floor with a painting of a moon. He had the hide and fur of a silver wolf wrapped around him. Lucien began the ritual with chants of Hircine and as Lupus followed his lead he was forced to drink a bitter liquid made from wolfsbane. After a few moments the room fell silent, a cloud passed in front of the moon, when it passed... Lupus felt the worst pain in his life. He began screaming as the transformation started, his bones cracked and rearanged and grew themselves, his skin turned to a silver fur his mouth and nose cracked and formed into a long snout, his ears grew and stood straight up, and finaly a long black marked tail grew from above his buttocks. He then felt a sensation of no longer pain but an odd feeling of freedom. He burst from the room out the window and ran on all fours. He jumped and climbed and sprinted through the forest with his new body. Lucien found him the next day passed out naked near a small pond. Lucien began teaching Lupus again in the ways of the lycans how to claw, slash, run, climb, bite, sneak, and attack with his new found gift. Lupus caught on quickly but Lucien wasnt surprised for Lupus was an Alpha werewolf the best of them all. He got the Alpha blood from his parents which were both alpha's too. After a year of training and working in the field with his gift in the high mountains and secluded forests of Skyrim, he was alowed to meet and work with the other lycans. Besides Lucien there was Shloan a Redguard white beta werewolf, Raan an Imperial red alpha werewolf, Istrius a Nord black alpha werewolf, and Lovark a Nord brown beta werewolf. He was welcomed into the family and he continues to fight the Silver-Hand along with his lycan brothers and sisters in The Circle...

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