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  • My occupation is lolzing
  • I am Male
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Retired Staff
"Training? Goodness me, I'm retired! I'm afraid combat doesn't interest me any more."Pranal

This user is a retired staff member on TESWiki. After serving their time protecting the wiki from trouble and guiding newer members, Kroq-gar78 has since stepped down from their former role and is hoping the Dark Brotherhood doesn't come after them during their retirement. You can message them on their talk page here if you need something, though they may not respond.

I'm an Ubuntu lover and Halo-pwnzor. I've made many contributions to the Ubuntu Linux project, and I'm one of the developers of the Salience theme.

I recently got my hands on Morrowind GOTY (Steam sale!), so hopefully I'll be joining Eganogard in helping the Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon articles.

Random factEdit

  • I made the 500,000th edit on the wiki :D

Test pagesEdit

  • User:Kroq-gar78/Sandbox - generic sandbox to play around with stuff
  • User:Kroq-gar78/Sandbox/Map (Skyrim) - test page to fix section header problems with Map (Skyrim)/Locations
  • User:Kroq-gar78/TodoList - not quite a test page, but a list of stuff that needs to be done and resolved
  • Template:Kroq-gar78/Stub - lots of cool fixes/updates/magic
  • Template:Kroq-gar78/SkyrimLocations - adding icon and category automatically
  • Template:Kroq-gar78/SkyrimIngredients - automagic link fixing
  • Template:Kroq-gar78/OblivionIngredients - automagic link fixing
  • Template:Kroq-gar78/Mages Guild Quests Oblivion - needs to look better and should be standardized with Oblivion nav templates
  • Template:Kroq-gar78/Skyrim Map/North - trying to fix the links with parentheses not appearing
  • Template:Kroq-gar78/ShiveringIslesIngredients - automagic link fixing
  • Template:Kroq-gar78/Main - seeing if it is possible to allow multiple articles as arguments, as on Wikipedia.
  • Template:Kroq-gar78/Book - generic cleanup; kinda messy, but not too bad
    • Template:Kroq-gar78/Book/game - cleanup; the template is a real mess, currently
  • Template:Kroq-gar78/Esimage - the image template to rule them all
  • Template:Kroq-gar78/Year - should help clean up the mess that is year links

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