Bad links[edit | edit source]

This section lists all of the pages whose links are bad and that I'm currently fixing. They're found by going to and then looking at the pages linking to there.

Note: a "*" denotes that, while it doesn't need to be moved right now, the status of the page may change soon (mainly because of The Elder Scrolls Online).

Bigger projects[edit | edit source]

This is in preparation of compiling a Wiki-wide task list. Also refer to User:AutoBlood/Sandbox, as he is building up a list, too.

  • Fixing all Skyrim city disambigs (all have them except Markarth and Morthal)
  • Using the LE template to make all perks redirect directly to the table row. A partially completed example can be seen at Conjuration (Skyrim), and another example can be seen at Keys (Dragonborn).
  • Getting rid of "The prec(e)eding list was obtained using The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Construction Set"
  • References (most can be done by looking through Special:Whatlinkshere/Reflist)
    • Removing the Refs and Reflist templates from articles where there are no references
    • Removing duplicate entries
    • Italicizing books
  • Replacing small text ID's with the ID template. Want to avoid capitalizing "xx", though. We could add some stuff in there to avoid that, but not sure.
  • Building up lore. EXTREMELY big project yes, but it can be started on somehow. At most, we'll end up reading each book and adding info from there.
  • Clean out Category:Stubs (everything should be in subcategories). I can probably do this myself - only 55 pages.
  • Find out why Main can't have more than 1 argument (it used to be more); this one is mainly for myself.
  • Redo Book/game because it is a mess... another one mainly for myself.

Bad pages[edit | edit source]

These pages just need to seriously be updated to newer standards (which in turn need to be written down):

Policy disputes[edit | edit source]

This section is full of policy-related stuff we need to settle.

  • Should "See also" sections have piped links? (e.g. instead of Iron Dagger, should we use Iron Dagger (Skyrim)?)
  • Are captions in title case?
  • How should we format alternate names in "Appearances" sections?
  • When do we use present tense, and when do we use past tense?
  • As all games have their own color themes (mainly for infoboxes), does/should lore infoboxes have a color theme of its own?
  • Should we make a {{year}} template to remove all those nasty links to Timeline? If so, I suggest making the template "y" a redirect/shortcut to "year".
  • What is the order of the quests in "Interactions" and "Quests" sections?
  • Should we use Reflist, Refs, or simply <references/>?
  • Should Online articles be marked as stubs? Most of them can't be expanded further until more information about the game is released, but they still do, in my opinion, have stub-like characteristics.
  • Are the infobox templates for books (e.g. SkyrimBooks and MorrowindBooks) redundant since we can simply use the all-encompassing Book template instead?
  • Fix the situation of the templates Fact and Cite being duplicates. We should probably go Wikipedia's way on this one; our equivalent of Wikipedia's cite template is Cite web.
  • This is minor, but should we standardize the short forms of refs (e.g. <ref name="pge1:c"/>) for all of the Pocket Guide to the Empire, First Edition and Third Edition pages? I like <ref name="pge1c">''[[Pocket Guide to the Empire, First Edition: Cyrodiil]]''</ref> best.
  • Should {{Rename}} and {{Move}} be merged? The description in the boxes can be changed to say "It has been suggested that this article, section, or image be moved to <target>", though I feel "article, section, or image" sounds a bit odd.
  • Since The Elder Scrolls Online is being created by Zenimax and not Bethesda, we need to have a separate book licensing template for them. I suggest the following: that {{esbook}} be moved to "bethbook", and that a "zenibook" template should also be created after "esbook" is moved.
  • If a book appears in only one game, should i still go to the disambig pages?
  • Should we use the mdash — or ndash –? This Wikipedia article has some interesting information on it. Since we are already using American English, I would say it'd be logical for us to go with the "American" standards of this (according to the article, this—is a good example), but I, personally, think it looks a bit ugly. Perhaps a spaced dash, either kind, would be better.
  • Should we use title to italicize the page names of books like it is done on Wikipedia? A Wikipedia example can be found here: Guns, Germs, and Steel. This isn't quite a dispute but more of a suggestion/improvement. It keeps the page titles consistent to how they are generally referred to in articles.
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