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Hello there I'm Legate Rob Round Belly,but most people call me Rob. I've been here on the wiki for about four months. I'm very educated with Nordic lore and if you have any questions about it, contact me on my talk page. I'm not on my main wiki too often, I'm mostly on the mobile TESwiki and I have over 3k post over on the mobile wiki. I side with the Empire because the Stormcloaks are making the empire weak, and that's what the Thalmor wants. Also, "The Empire banned Talos" statements are invalid. The empire had to sign the White Gold Concordat or they would have been destroyed and the races on men would have been whipped off the face of Nirn. The Stormcloaks couldn't unite Tamriel, because they oppressed other races, but the empire could, giving them a bigger chance to defeat the Thalmor. I've played all the major TES game releases including the first two games. Some of my favorite TES quotes: "Battle Reveals who a man really is"- Galmar Stone-Fist: "Don't fear any darkness, for those who die today with swords in their hands and courage in their live forever in Sovngarde!"-Ulfric Stormcloak:"I don't fight for the glory of the Empire nor do I glory in the death of my kinsmen. I fight to bring peace to my homeland"-Legate Rikke: "FUS RO DAH"-Dragonborn. "Maybe the cause is true, but the man is a lie."-Saerlund Law-Giver.

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