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"I uncover secrets, and there is no escape."

Mhazard is a Wikia member in Skyrim. Working as a Console Command Decoder.


As the Dragonborn comes through the doors of Mhazard, he accompanies the Dragonborn and uncovers the secret with him. Mhazard put the entire Skyrim under his disposal with his fingertips. His current follower is Wylandriah.

In recent day, he started to study how the world works, with the help of Creation Kit.

His ability of resurrecting people and altering their mind is believed to be a form of necromancy, however this is an entirely different art.


Creation Kit Resource[]


  • His first name is Marco, hence the origin of his capital letter M, however he is absolutely unrelated to Mannimarco.
  • While Mhazard is Male, the Dragonborns he met are always females, he's well known for stealing armors from the Dragonborns and their followers.
  • He has the habit of repeated editing due to typing mistake or incorrect URL link format, and it is often mistaken with badge hunting, although Mhazard has no regard to fame.
  • Mhazard is a foreigner, English isn't his first language.