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DaedricmaceWould anyone like to feel my Banging-on-the-head Stick?

--Me in my old save using my Daedric Mace.

KernelFodder (KF for short) is a user originating from the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, and I help out here when nothing is going on there, or when the Infernal community gets me mad! 

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My Elder Scrolls? For one thing, I have PS3 Skyrim with all DLCs. My current save on it (Swoosh the Vampire) uses Chillrend improved to 180 damage and Glass Bow with 43 points Chaos Damage. The Deathbrand Armor set is one of the best Armor sets out, with a base better than Daedric, with powerful enchantments, along with MUCH less weight. Who knew the strongest armor set would be a Light armor? Not me.

On the PC, I have two saves. Banditsbane, basically a level 54 Redgaurd spellsword with the ultimate armor and weapons.  He has a 531 Damage Sword of Annihalation, 379 damage Crossbane, and Zeus Armor pumped up to the max. I also created a level 5 High Elf mage named Beatrice (I was not very original, I know), but the best she has is a Lightning Bolt and Novice mage gear. I use mods that are not game-breaking or non lore-friendly, namely Falskaar, Heavy Armory, and to a somewhat mixed extent, Interesting NPCs. I also like optimization mods (SMIM, WATER, HD herbs) and bugfixing mods. 

Mod ideasEdit

While I mod, I do NOT create mods. Here are ideas for anyone who wants to see what they can do.

  • MAGINVShockSpellArtChaos Damage spell. Would be a fun spell to hit Bandits With. 
  • Hearthfire-masterarchitectA mod that fixes all those stupid bugs Hearthfire has! UHP is not fixing it all. I actually think it's getting worse since I installed it! The HORROR!
  • A mod to make vanilla Random encounters more equally distributed. I have periods with no encounters, but the next day, three encounters right next to each other. >:-(
  • Sun Fire SpellSun damage enchanted items. Cool idea in Dawngaurd, but kinda lost because it's not found in the world.

If you make one of these mods, let me know. I'll gladly pay thank you!

Alchemical recpiesEdit

These are useful potions to make large amounts of and actually USE, as in Consume.

  • The Skirmisher's Painkiller (Rock Warbler Egg, Hawk Feathers, and Felsaad Tern Feathers) Creates a 4 effect Cure Disease + Fortify Light armor and One-handed + Restore Health.
  • Necromaner's Bane (Snowberries, Hawk Beak, and Mudcrab Chitin) Creates a four-effect Resist Fire, Frost, and shock potion with added Restore Stamina.
  • Ultimate Dragon Buster (Ash Grass Pod, Snowberries, and Frost Mirriham) Creates a three-effect Resist Fire (^) and Frost potion, with added Fortify Sneak.
  • Doornail (Imp Stool, Human Flesh [eww...] and Slaughterfish Egg) Creates a poison with the Paralysis, Damage and Lingering Damage Health effects.
  • Cure-all (Charred Skeever Hide, Mudcrab Chitin, and Blue MF) Creates a potion with Cure Disease, Resist Poison, and Restore Health and Stamina effects.
  • Hurt-all (Spawn Ash, Scrathecraw, and Slaughterfish Egg/scales) Creates a three-effect poison with Ravage Stamina and Magicka, and also Lingering Damage Health.

All potions and poisons are discovered by ME, and you are free to use them as you see fit.

Random tip to you Alchemical up-and-risings: Eat the Netch Jelly, man! It's wonderful stuff.!

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