14 year old user from Sweden that focus more on minor things like items, stores and NPCs. Likes to explore and have explored nearly every place in Cyrodiil. Also a huge fan of collecting stuff in the game. He has a large collection of jewelry, ingredients (including sampels of the rarities Human Heart, Human Skin, Ironwood Nut, Mugwort Seeds Rat Poison and Root Pulp) which he keeps in his house in the Imperial City. He also ownes 466 lockpicks. Mozer hates magic, bows and Ayleid ruins, but loves alchemy, sneaking and swords. Have been playing for almost 240 hours since August 07.

Mozer's greeting Edit

I've been active here for some weeks now and I've already uploaded a bunch of images, plus adding information and eiditing. Hope you're finding the site enjoyable and rich on information. Please, if you find any minor mistakes that could be rectified or any info that you want to add, please do so. Otherwise, ask Bippo Ernesti, one of the more experienced users.

Have a great day now, and keep play the perfect role playing game from Bethesda; Oblivion!

Favourites Edit

Amulet/Necklace: Bronze Amulet, Necklace of Swords

Atronach: Frost Atronach

Attribute: Endurance

Blade weapon: Daedric Longsword, Perfect Madness Longsword

Blunt weapon: Daedric mace, Daedric Warhammer

Book: Aevar Stone-Singer

Boots: Boots of the Olympian

Cave: Crayfish Cave, Lost Boy Cavern

Character/NPC: Burz gro-Khash, Diram Serethi, Haskill, Tove the Unrestful

Creature: Imp

City: Cheydinhal and Bravil

Cuirass: Cuirass of the Crusader

Daedra: Daedroth

Divine: Stendarr

Fort: Arkved's Tower, Fort Black Boot, Fort Cedrian, Fort Cuptor, Fort Sejanus

Greaves: Greaves of the Warmonger

Guild: Fighter's Guild

Ingredient: Alocasia Fruit, Ironwood Nut, Mandrake Root, Tinder Polypore Cap, Tobacco

Inn: Olav's Tap and Tack

Jewel: Diamond, Emerald

Landmark: Gnoll Mountain, Old Bridge

Memory: I will never forget when I completed my first quest in Aleswell, which was the first place I found in Oblivion.

Mine: Infested Mine

Misc item: Lockpick, Pewter Mug

Potion: Skooma

Quest: Accidents Happen, Deepscorn Hollow, The Sunken One, Zero Visibility

Race: Argonian, Breton, Redguard

Region: Colovian Highlands, Great Forest, West Weald

Ring: Mundane Ring, Ring of Perfection, Ring of War, Silver Ring

Ruin (Ayleid): Anutwyll, Hame

Settlement: Aleswell, Harlun's Watch, Pell's Gate

Store: All Things Alchemical, A Fighting Chance, Red Diamond Jewelry

Skill: Alchemy

Undead: Zombie

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