Patito (from Pato) - Little duckEdit

Hello! How to contact me: Email, on Google Groups, or my talk page.

My to-do list:

    • Locations

OblivionSmall Start articles about every Cave, and expand upon cave stubs.
OblivionSmall Write about Elsweyr and other provinces. (ongoing)
OblivionSmall The shops. Info on all book shops/libraries. Note to self: Merchant.

    • Quests

OblivionSmall Add missing journal entries to all side quests (miscellaneous), and faction quests. If anyone wants a specific quest's journal entries, leave a note in my Talk page.

    • Books

OblivionSmall Start up a page for most books in the game, starting with basic info, including a known location for it, and its author. — Nominate Books for collaboration.

    • Featured Article/Collaboration of the Week

OblivionSmall (nearly there) Help organize one or the other - or both. Should be on the front page, IMHO.

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