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"Training? Goodness me, I'm retired! I'm afraid combat doesn't interest me any more."Pranal

This user is a retired staff member on TESWiki. After serving their time protecting the wiki from trouble and guiding newer members, Pelinal Whitestrake has since stepped down from their former role and is hoping the Dark Brotherhood doesn't come after them during their retirement. You can message them on their talk page here if you need something, though they may not respond.

"...he was Pelinal the Whitestrake because of his left hand, made of a killing light; he was Pelinal the Bloody, for he [drank] it in victory; he was Pelinal Insurgent, because he gave the crusades a face; he was Pelinal In Triumph, as the words eventually became synonymous, and men-at-arms gave thanks to the Eight when they saw his banner coming through war; he was Pelinal the Blamer, for he was quick to admonish those allies of his that favored tactics that ran counter to his, that is, sword-theory;"
The Song of Pelinal, Book I

Hello. I'm Pelinal Whitestrake, also known as AES, AngryEnclaveSoldier, Crazy Elf Hating Cybernetic Lizard Dude of Nanotechnology Science, Crazy German Cyborg Argonian and Dr. Nein. I'm just a user, like you, visiting this wiki at times and doing various things here.

I'm often viewed as a Loremaster, although I'm only really an expert on a few lore subjects (such as Akatosh/Lorkhan, CHIM, etc). If you have any questions about those subjects, simply leave it on my talk page or make a Thread about it in the Lore discussion board of the Forums. I'll eventually answer. Furthermore, I'm okay-ish at science, so you can ask some (minor) questions about it to me too.

Random stuff[edit | edit source]

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The Elder Scrolls Online
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The Elder Scrolls Online.
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This TESWikian is a fan of Hircine.
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