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Retired Staff
"Training? Goodness me, I'm retired! I'm afraid combat doesn't interest me any more."Pranal

This user is a retired staff member on TESWiki. After serving their time protecting the wiki from trouble and guiding newer members, Pickleseller has since stepped down from their former role and is hoping the Dark Brotherhood doesn't come after them during their retirement. You can message them on their talk page here if you need something, though they may not respond.

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Walrus Club
"This dude's a walrus? Cool beans." —Abraham Lincoln

This user is a member of the Walrus Club on TESWiki. They have the ability to swiftly remove walrus-haters, rename poorly titled walruses, and scout out zoos to ensure they are up to snuff with walrus rights. Questions for this Walrus Club member should be directed toward their talk page.

Hello, <insert name here>! I am Pickleseller! This is my signature: The Seller of the Pickles, and the Guardian of the MudkipzHare.pngMessageTurtles.png I am a user on this wiki, and a former Chat and Forum Moderator I joined on June 26, 2013 though I used this wiki for much longer than that. Some stuff about me is:

  • My favorite animal is a walrus.
  • My favorite color is blue.
  • I prefer Coke to Pepsi.
  • I have only played Morrowind for about an hour.
  • I am a cucumber merchant.
  • I am in the top 100 wikians on this wiki according to achievements.
  • I play the clarinet.
  • My current time right now is 20:57

NEW: MASS CHARACTER CREATION (Warning: Prepare for a lot of phone quality jpegs): http://imgur.com/a/P4xzi Ezad:


Race: Argonian

Sex: Male

Legendaried Skills: Pickpocketing (1)

Spouse: Mjoll, Former Lydia (Deceased)

Children: Lucia and Blaise

Factions: College of Winterhold (Archmage), Companions (Harbinger), Thieves Guild (Guild Master), Dawnguard (Unknown), Stormcloaks (Stormblade), Dark Brotherhood (Master and Listener)

Level: 53



Race: Vampire Nord

Sex: Female

Spouse: Vilkas

Children: Hroar and Runa

Factions: College of Winterhold (Apprentice), Companions (Harbinger), Thieves Guild (Guild Master), Volkihar (Lord), Stormcloaks (Stormblade), Dark Brotherhood (Mistress and Listener)

Level: 32

Vincent Selone:

Race: Breton

Sex: Male

Spouse: Senna

Children: Erith and Clinton

Factions: Colllege of Winterhold (Adept), Dawnguard (Unknown), Legion (Auxillary)

Level: 16

Felen Sadri:

Race: Dunmer Vampire

Sex: Male

Spouse: Morwen

Children: Samuel and Sissel

Factions: Dark Brotherhood (Listener), Thieves Guild (Recruit), Volkihar (?), Legion (Recruit)

Level: 20


Race: Imperial

Sex: Male

Spouse: Camilla

Children: Sofie and Samuel

Factions: Companions (Whelp), Legion (Legate)

Level: 18

Ulfric Stormcloak:

Race: Nord

Sex: Male

Level: 2


Race: Nord

Sex: Female

Level: 4


Race: Imperial

Sex: Male

Level: 12 I think

Factions: Fighters Guild (noobcake), Mages Guild (noobcake), Thieves Guild (Bandit), Arena (Grand Champion)


Race: Argonian

Sex: Male

Level: 4

Class: Shadowblade (Custom)

Factions: Thieves Guild (Pickpocket), Dark Brotherhood (Slayer)

  • 554,000
  • 578,000
  • 585,000
  • 602,000
  • 685,000
  • 690,000
  • 1,033,000
  • 1,040,000

Stormcloak-user.png This TESWikian is a member of the Stormcloaks.
PS3 logo.png This TESWikian plays on the PlayStation 3.
Skyrim.png This TESWikian is an expert on Skyrim.
Flag United States.png This TESWikian is from the United States.
TG-Bandit.jpg This TESWikian is a member of the Thieves Guild.
Grammar Nazi.png This TESWikian is a Grammar Nazi.
Online ebonheart crest.png This TESWikian is a member of the Ebonheart Pact.
PC Player.png This TESWikian plays The Elder Scrolls on PC.
Male Symbol.png This user is male.
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This TESWikian is a fan of Sanguine.
Sheogorath.jpg This TESWikian is a fan of Sheogorath.
Herma-Mora.png This TESWikian is a fan of Hermaeus Mora.
Horker Head.png This user is a fan of walruses.
Skyrimcreationkit01.jpg This user has some Creation Kit knowledge.
Mudkip baked in 3D by cezkid.gif this user leiks mudkipz

  • Mainspace- 241
  • Total- 10,138

100th Edit: Some time in January 2014. 200th Edit: March 12, 2014. Destruction (Oblivion) 9000th Total Edit: March 19, 2014. Frostfall Guild RP.

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