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Hi everybody! I'm a little new to wikis in general, but I'm getting to know the place. I've been adding to talk pages a lot but with a numerical IP address. I've tried to stay away from editing anything other then talk pages because, like I said, I'm new and don't want to mess anything up. If I see a spelling/punctuation error I'll fix it, though. I'm a huge Skyrim fan and play it as often as possible. The only guilds I really fell into character with was the Companians and the Dark Brotherhood. The Dark Brotherhood is, by far, my favorite faction in the game. I intend to try Oblivian soon, but not until I finish the main quest line for Skyrim. Cheers!
6-6-13:My character in Skyrim is a lycanthrope Altmer female called Quill. Her favorite weapon (because it is so useful) is [[Windshear]]. However, she rarely uses it because she generally summons an atronach and then uses that atronach's elements in a Destruction magic form. She is the Listener and leader of the Dark Brotherhood, the Harbinger of the Companians, and the Arch-Mage at the College of Winterhold. She is married to Vilkas and has adopted [[Runa Fair-Shield]] and [[Lucia]].

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