Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls

Welcome to the Gates of Apochrypha![]

Welcome to my profile. I'm sure you have a lot of time to spare looking over who I am, yet may never  meet me in real life (not that you'd want to). But aside from that, allow me to introduce a few other elements to the topic.

  1. Ralvz'jeshka shakaraph is not from Nirn or Earth. I come from the planet Geobia, a native to the Desert of Iskarad.
  2. Ralvz'jeshka is pronounced "Ralvzyeshka". Otherwise, feel free to call me "Ralvz".
  3. This one knows Fangclaw. So don't think you can pickpocket me and still keep an eye.
  4. Ralvz'jeshka was in the Cairo Incident and gained the ability to regenerate. Long story short, as long as my brain isn't damaged directly or obliterated, I can regenerate from normally fatal damage.
  5. Ralvz'jeshka is on a current mission. Lost my ship awhile back somewhere off the coast of Morrowind. Surviving here has been a struggle, but my mission remains intact. Assassinate the dragonborn.
Khajiit-Skyrim.jpg This one knows Fangclaw,

provoke at your own risk!