This is hello473! Hai. My name is 05:59, December 20, 2013 (UTC)Hello473, but my real name is Adrian. I'm fourteen years old, Advanced English, I also take Computer Programming at my school which has got me interested in editing this wiki. Just because I'm new doesn't mean I don't know what I'm doing so don't assume. Oh and yes I know my user name is very.. er. Girly? I don't know how to describe it but I don't like it. :(. Anyways if you have questions please use my talk page, I'm active everyday.

Goals[edit | edit source]

1:Become Patroller.

2:Have 1,000 edits.


Likes[edit | edit source]

1:Muse (the band)

2:Editing Wikipedia

Dislikes[edit | edit source]

1:People who abuse there power of deleting others work on WIkia.

Charecters[edit | edit source]

Ellie: Lvl: 27 (inactive)

Female, Nord

Class: Misc/Mage.

Laurence: Lvl: 28 (inactive)

Female, Nord

Class: Assaiasian

Layla: same stats as above (inactive)

Mi' Jearmo: Lvl: 14 (inactive)

Male, Khajiit

Class: Warrior/Thief

Kevin VanNord: Lvl: 22 (semi-active)

Male, Nord

Class: Warrior/Hero

Rohilda: Lvl: 42 (active)

Female, Nord

Class: Rouge

Templates![edit | edit source]

Male Symbol.png This user is male.
Skyrim.png This TESWikian is an expert on Skyrim.
Atheist Logo.jpg This user is an atheist.
Xbox360 logo.png This TESWikian plays on the Xbox 360.
Skyrim.png This user is knowledgeable about Skyrim.
Stormcloak-user.png This TESWikian is a member of the Stormcloaks.
ConjurationSkill.png This TESWikian is a master Conjurer.
Archery Icon.png This TESWikian is a skilled Archer.
BlackHand.svg This TESWikian is a member of the Dark Brotherhood.
Flag United States.png This TESWikian is from the United States.
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