aka Saddex

  • I live in Umeå, Sweden
  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is Admin; Rollback
  • I am Male

Basic infoEdit

I am pretty new to the Elder Scrolls Series. I plays Skyrim on Xbox 360 and except for the vast amount of bugs in the
game, it is a masterpiece, so epic. I don't have all the DLC yet. I have 2 characters right now:
  • Nord named Fredrik. Almost all quests completed. Build: The Thief-The Warrior Hybrid
  • Breton named Herbert. Newly started. Build: Will probably be full mage.

Just got Morrowind on my laptop, and I now have Skyrim and Oblivion on my custom desktop.

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Other wikisEdit

I am one of the Main admins at the Just Cause Wiki . If you have any questions there, you can ask me :).

My work on wikis displayed here at the top bar of my page other than Just Cause and Elder Scrolls is mostly in idle now.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • This user knows advanced wikitext programming, and is able to code infoboxes, with features like automated categorisation. Has also made simular bug templates to your, a custom disambiguation template and some more stuff. I hope my knowledge can be used on this wiki aswell.
  • This user has edited a lot of wikis.
  • This user thinks CoD is for casuals.
  • More...

Images from my modded SkyrimEdit

Apparently you can't upload images as a normal user anymore. See:

Custom signatureEdit

Saddex Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll...

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