• I live in Canada
  • Bio 'My rituals and ordeals and all the rhymes within,
    Use no other motive than the revelation of my skin’.

    I am a father of three awesome boys, one giant dog, and two crazy cats. I am an avid fantasy reader (Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time being my favourite), cynical movie critic, and lover of comics (ASM is my fav) and games (RPG, JRPG, and CRPG mostly). I am a long time gamer of both video games and table top games, RPG enthusiast, Spider-Man lover, musician, and published amateur poet. I own a large collection of video games and consoles that goes back to the 80’s.

    I began my love of The Elder Scrolls back in 1994 when Arena was first released. I have played every title in the series, however did not stay in ESO very long as MMO’s are not really my thing. My favourite game in the series is Daggerfall because, for me, it was the best representation of what The Elder Scrolls was meant to be; a virtualization of D&D. The scope and ambition of Daggerfall hasn’t been seen again in the series.

    I am also quite knowledgeable in the historical aspects of the ES universe, as well as the more ambiguous, esoteric and metaphysical nature of the series.

    Oh, and I’m a Canuck, eh.


    ~Wikians who I consider knowledgeable~

    Pyandonean Huntsman
    Blademaster Jauffre
    The Beautiful Princess Ashley
    Amulet of Kings
    Shehraz Magthees
    The Beartooth
    Herma-Mora's Champion
    Count Volkihar
    Zack Meinecke
    Hidden Crow

    *Profile Image artwork done by*
    Tania Herrero Hernández
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