"Give me a Lever and Fulcum large enough, and I shall move the world."- Archimedes, on the use of leverage. "You can't open a book without learning something."- Confucius.

Hullo, and Welcome, to the Profile Page of Hades, God of The Underworld.

About Me[edit | edit source]

When not running the Underworld, or when I'm not in school *Grummble*, I can be found on TESwikia chat, annoying everyone to death. My main interests are Gaming, Reading, Dubstep, Legos, Drawing, and annoying the heck out of Blitzbear. I'm also a YouTuber, and am attempting to recover my Channel. I'm knowledgeable about the Greek/Roman gods, not to mention a lot of history, so if you have any questions like that, direct them to my talk page, and they will (hopefully) be answered soon.

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