aka The Great Wolf

  • I live in the Nexus of All Realities
  • My occupation is the Ruler of this Reality and the Next
  • I am not very sociable about it
The Rider

The Lord of Skyrim At Night

The Lord of Skyrim has been ruling the homeland of the Nords since the time of the Dragon Crisis. He overthrew the previous High King, Ulfric Stormcloak, who in turn had rightfully killed HIS predecessor, Toryyg. So, after his defeat of the World-Eater, the Lord traveled to Windhelm and graciously asked Ulfric to step down from the throne of High King. He declined. So, the last minutes of the late High King Toryyg's life repeated themselves right there in the Palace of Kings, built by Ysgramor, his ancestor. He then set out for Whiterun. He entered Jorrvaskr, and shared a couple of tankards of mead with the Companions, of which he was now Harbinger after releasing Kodlak Whitemane's spirit to the realm of Sovngarde. The next morning, the Lord traveled far west to Markarth, where his long-time friend and ally, Thonar Silver-Blood, was still managing the upkeep of Cidhna Mine, where the Lord had been wrongfully imprisoned after being framed as a member of the Forsworn. He had slain their 'king', Madanach, and so gained the respect and alliance of the Silver-Blood family. But, even a man as gracious and ruthless as the Lord is not without enemies, among his particular list one of the last beings anyone would want for an enemy: Mehrunes Dagon himself. The Lord had met the last member of the Mystic Dawn, the cult that killed Uriel Septim III and almost another of his ancestors, the Hero of Kvatch. So, he collected the pieces of Mehrunes' Razor, the artifact of Dagon once held by the Hero himself. He and the cultist traveled to the last shrine of Dagon in Skyrim. Dagon's voice demanded the cultist's death for the Razor's reforgment, but the Lord refused to follow his ancestor's mistake, and denied Dagon's command. And so, the Lord made the worst of the Daedric Princes his greatest foe. He next traveled to Solitude, and there, he met a strange Bosmer man who directed him towards the Blue Palace, residence of the Jarl Elisif and the late Torryg. He entered the long-abandoned Pelagius Wing, and was hit with a flash of light. He suddenly found himself in a misty grove. He looked around and saw a table stacked with silverware, dishes...and a man with pupiless eyes and a bi-colored suit. He asked where he was, and the man responded that he was inside the mind of a certain madman. He then introduced himself as Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness. The Lord was instantly suprised, as his late mother had told him that early in the Fourth Era, the Hero of Kvatch had journeyed to Sheogorath's realm, rescued him from the Greymarch, and had been proclaimed the 'new' Sheogorath. He tried to determine if, by any chance, that he was talking to his own ancestor right that minute. But, before he could even utter a word, the Madgod gave him a task...

His task for the Madgod now complete, he recieved the famed Wabajack, and so was named the new Champion of Sheogorath. He decided to travel to the home of his greatest ally, the wise and nonaging Paarthurnax. He meditated with the dragon for several days before he heard news of a faction of vampire hunters, called the Dawnguard. He traveled to their forttress in a secluded location. He was given a revolutionary new weapon - a crossbow and a mission to investigate a crypt that was sure to wrought with the undead. But what he found there was ground-breaking...

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