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Hi, I'm StarlinSkyrim. Thanks for looking at my page! I have two characters to date:

Starlin Kaln- The first one. She's a Nord, fights for justice and gold, married Benor (see below), and is pratically perfect in every way :-0

Shae Lalett (for full details on heritage and backstory, see my blog post)- Wood Elf, part of the Dark Brotherhood.

Most Amazing Elder Scrolls Moments (In my opinion)Edit

  • 1. When Molag Bal starts talking during the quest House of Horrors. The way the controller vibrates, you know your in for a bad time of it.
  • 2. When you ride into the sunset on Odivhiig. Awesomeness.
  • 3. Mehrunes Dagon smashing into the temple and fighting Martin, right before he turns into a dragon.
  • 4. Any time that you assasinate someone, especially in the Dark Brotherhood armor, though.
  • 5. Seeing your statue in Bruma, although I wish I had been wearing Daedric Armor or something else awesome.

Favorite QuotesEdit

TESV Benor

There he is...the ugliest guy in all of Skryim


"Whoa, what could have happened?"- Steward of Falkreath upon seeing Ulfric's dead naked body.

"Die, Stormcloak scum!" - Imperial Soldier

"What do you need?"- Several people, all just queing to give me jobs to do. Ha, like they care what I need when they've lost thier family heirloom that looks suspiciously like a plate...[[The Book of Love|

"Goodbye, love." My husband, Benor, when I sent him home. I was worried he would get hurt during a mission I was doing, so I got cold feet and dismissed him. After creaming some foes, I return to Solitude to get the (not very) sad news that Benor had died. How, do you ask, when I had sent him away from danger? Oh, I'm sure he just got mugged by a fierce bunny rabbit. Or killed by one of those vicious Skrim goats. Either one.

"I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee" Enough said.

"I find your wolfish grin...unsettling"- Guards. Bet you do, but you can hardly see straight since you got shot in the knee.

Quests I've DoneEdit

Civil War:

  • All the Imperial quests. Review: Kind of lame that all I can do is take over forts and talk to people. I would rather be a spy in Ulfric's camp or a pyrotechnics expert.

Main Quest:

Daedric Quests:

Dark Brotherhood Quests

Side Quests:

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