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  • I live in Hjaalmarch(Morthal)
  • My occupation is Stormcloak
  • I am Male
Girl's Club
Girls' Club
"This dude's a girl?" —789Snowbird987

This user is a member of the Girls' Club. He most probably is a guy, but that's alright.

What I like in TESEdit

Hello! Ketick1998 here! I love to look at the lore of TES. I am a TES lore and RP geek. I love expanding my knowledge on the lore of TES and enjoying RP. I have created 4 RPs, GWII(done), Fourth Akaviri Invasion, Dragon RP, and Skyrim-Dominion War. I do my best to RP properly and I love to RP as a merchant, but I RP as a warrior/dragon and stuff on RP I create. I sometimes RP as a Dragon named Bahnahkriid, I made him a special Dragon race called Ivory Dragon, Bahnahkriid looks like my Profile Picture. KETIK 20:27, January 27, 2014 (UTC)Ketick1998

About MeEdit

My name is Andrew, and I am an outgoing, but easily annoyed, person. I love to hug and I nicknamed myself "Ketick, 10th Divine of Tacklehugs", because I love to tacklehug. I am heterosexual and currently happily dating someone. I am 15 years old and am a straight C student in the 9th grade.


  • Drew
  • Andy
  • Ket
  • Ketty
  • Ketkat
  • Keticky
  • Ketickle(dont ask)
  • Ketibird
  • Keticky Fried Chicken
  • Mountain Drew
  • Sticky Keticky
  • Ketticosta
  • Ketchup
  • Drewy
  • Ketickicut
  • Keticklabam
  • Ke-Chick
  • Kettyshack
  • Ketickickitykickity-Ket
  • Andy Drew
  • Drewbacca
  • Ketock
  • Ketotek
  • Ketket
  • Catick
  • Stetick
  • Ketdarr
  • Ketkicked

My Name(minus 1998) in Daedric and DovahzulEdit

Daedric KDaedric EDaedric TDaedric IDaedric CDaedric K -My name in Daedric Script

KETIK-My name in Dovahzul

Chat Elf Pantheon(All Gods/Goddesses are of Equal Strength)Edit

  • Tombraiser(Tombraiser), Missing Goddess of Administration, Tombs, and Tomb Raising
  • Timmathadon(UAM), Chat God of Lies & Reproduction
  • Ketile(Ketick1998), Chat God of Hugs, Everything Huggable, and Fusion
  • Ovenshin(Henshin), Mantling Chat God of Sexiness, Sex, and Yummy Chocolateness
  • Redemption(789Snowbird987), Chat God of Demonology, dry humour and the Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  • Zipper(Zippertrain85), Chat God of Politics and History
  • Robyn(YourWerewolfGurl), Chat Goddess of Awesomeness
  • Enclave(AES), Chat God of CHIM and Lore
  • Steak(MoS), Chat God of Steaks, Grammar and NAZIs
  • Pellegrini(PLPellegrini), Chat God Warden of Chat
  • Justin(Ghost Anubis), Chat God of Heretical Thoughts and Doom
  • Gosstile(Reptile, Demented Pony), Chat God of Marksmen and Ponies
  • Flightmare(Flightmare), Chat God of Wiki Coding
  • CHIM Shady (ScholarOfTheScrolls), Chat God of Magic and Wisdom, True Rap Battle God
  • Owen, (M. Owen), Chat God of Pirates
  • Pickelos(Pickleseller), Chat God of Pickles, Pokemon, Chincillas, and Walruses
  • Johnson(EmperorJohnson), Chat God of Chaos, Manipulation, and Destruction
  • Sabrina(Sazerah), Chat Goddess of Beauty
  • Billy(Lab Coat Billy), Chat God of Science and Mathematics

Zippertrain's/Ketick's RP Timeline(Chronological Order)Edit

  • Miraak's Backstory 1 & 2(Lore names: Story fo Miraak's Corruption)
  • Battle of Apocrypha(Lore names: War of Miraak's Aggression)
  • Dawnguard Backstory(Lore names: Rise of Volkihar, Mr. Harkon's War)
  • Miraak's Apprentice(Lore names: Spells Unleashed Hidden War)
  • College of Winterhold RP(CoWRP)(Lore names: Magick War)
  • The Underworld Guild(Lore names: Sithis/Thalmor War)
  • The Fallen(Lore names: Necromancer War, Alok-Dilon War)
  • Breaking Evil(Lore names: War of Moon Sugar, Skooma War)
  • Dragon War(Lore names: The Third Dragon War)
  • Skyrim-Dominion War(Lore names: War of Stormcloak Aggression(Mer war name), War of Dominion Aggression(Man war name)
  • The Communist Revolution of Tamriel(Lore names: War of Insurrectionists' Aggression(Communists' name for the War), War of Communists' Aggression(Insurrectionists'/Known-as's name for the War)
  • BCRP(Lore names: Bards' College Rejoice)
  • The Journey of Heroes(Lore names: The Heroes' Journey)
  • Great War II(Lore names: The Second Great War, Great War II)
  • Fourth Akaviri Invasion(Lore names: Fourth Akaviri Invasion, War of Ka Po'Tun Aggression)
  • Republic of High Rock(Lore names: High Rock's Republic)
  • Second Oblivion Crisis(Lore names: Second Oblivion Crisis, Daedra War)
  • The Fall of Communism(Lore names: War of Communism's Fall, CF War, The Fall of Communism)
  • Three Empire War(Lore names: Tri-Empire War, War of Forgotten Mer Aggression(One Empire war name), War of All Empires' Aggression(Dwemer and Falmer war names))
  • Pirate/Assassin RP(Lore names: Pirate-Imperial War, Pirates' Plunder War(Imperial name), Imperials' Oppressive War(Pirates name)

My Besties!<3Edit

-Warden Pellegrini

-Angel the Demon


-Brand n' Bake

-Drunken Sheo







Ketick1998's UserboxesEdit

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