In Character Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hail, wanderer. My name is Tarkil Indoril, and I welcome you to The City of Light and Magic.

I may be an Nightblade by profession, but I consider myself an amateur scholar. I come to these halls of learning to help others to learn, and to learn myself. My specific studies mostly involve the planes of Oblivion, and Morrowind's varying cultures, though I sometimes dabble in the lands of Skyrim. If you should require help, do not hesitate to ask. I will help to the best of my ability, even if I cannot promise to always possess all the answers.

I once merely drifted the lands, like you, then I took an interest in magick. I had not had an large interest in magick until around nineteen years ago, when I had heard the exploits of an lone adventurer in lands long ago. I usually would have not been moved by such a tale, but this tale kindled with an long-burning urge to explore, and to learn. I knew an mage in need of an apprentice, so I took the position and learned my lessons well.

After I had completed my apprenticeship, I traveled here, to Mournhold, The City of Light and Magic. I found this place, and dedicated myself to both the betterment of this facility and to my own knowledge. I travel often. Vvardenfell, Solstheim, Cyrodiil, Skyrim, even the planes of Oblivion have all graced me with but a few of their hidden treasures. I merged my magicks and my knowledge of stealth and shadows and became what could be crudely classified as an Nightblade.

Now, I am afraid I must take my leave, there is a Bosmer mage with dreams of flight that I must keep in check. Last time he tried his scrolls with a subject, the poor soul screamed to his death.

Now, I wish all the best to you, and may your research prove fruitful.

OOC Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hello there. If you've somehow waded though the above foolishness, I applaud your strength.

I haven't been editing on the wiki long (Started 2012), and I've only started to edit seriously this year, but it feels for some reason to be longer.

I'm no master of lore, and I can't honestly claim to be. I still strive to at least usually know what I'm talking about, though. I must admit my favorite part of TES is the lore, as if the ridiculous "In Character Introduction" didn't drop hints like large rocks.

I will note the I am not always active, as my activity waxes and wanes a great deal, usually corresponding with the times that I am playing an Elder Scrolls game and the times that I am not. Due to this it may be hard to reach me on the wiki in my less active states.

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • For "Shivering Isles Stubs" to be empty. Completed except for locations, which I believe Ebony may be doing. 2/27/13
  • For "Shivering Isles: Locations" to have RefIDs. Completed 3/1/13
  • For "Shivering Isles: Image Needed" to be empty. Completed 3/6/13
  • Fix some images I've uploaded that weren't the right size or format.
  • For "Locations (Skyrim) to have RefIDs. (Farms & down yet to go)
  • To acquire 1000 Achievement Points. Completed 3/2/13
  • To acquire 2000 Achievement Points.
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