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  • I live in British Columbia, Canada
  • I am Male

About Me Edit

I am a casual gamer and by no means a professional in any way. I play games to have fun, not to kick ass and, therefore, do not usually play PvP modes or games, with certain exceptions.

I am a Canadian, and no, I do not say "a-boot," though I do tend to add the odd "eh" here and there. Being a Canadian, I spell words the British way, because after all, we are a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

My Elder Scrolls Edit

I play The Elder Scrolls Online on the PlayStation 4.

This is my first step inside the Elder Scrolls universe; I never played anything prior. I started playing around the end of 2015. I do not subscribe to ESO Plus, however, I purchased 1 month on June 17, 2016 because I wanted 1,500 Crowns IconCrowns and figured I might as well experience some of the DLC content. I may purchase another month in the future in order to move crafting materials into the Craft Bag, to clear up inventory and bank space.

My Characters Edit

I do not have an allegiance to any Alliance. I originally started playing Aldmeri Dominion simply because that was the Alliance that had the race I wanted for my first character, and since I didn't have the Adventurer Pack, there was no choice. Currently, I have characters in Aldmeri Dominion and Daggerfall Covenant, with plans to eventually create characters in Ebonheart Pact.

  • Urt-hekau - Female Khajiit Sorcerer: This was my first character, and yes, I know it's not the ideal race+class combo, but I created this character to be what I wanted to play. When a friend showed me this game, he showed me that I could create a cat character, and I am a cat person. Since I enjoy playing caster classes the most, this was my ideal combination. The name was also picked specific to this character: A lioness-headed goddess called "wife of the sun-god". Associated with goddesses who had sorceress functions - Isis, Neith, & Nephthys. This character was my first Veteran, which I only got to Veteran Rank 4 before the Champion System IconChampion Points conversion included in Dark Brotherhood.
  • Adelonda - Female Argonian Templar: My second character, which I wanted to be an ideal healer. I mis-read the racial passive of the Argonians and thought it meant a boost to healing done. Oh well... This character's name was also picked to fit the character: Variant of German Adelinda, meaning "noble serpent." Adelinda was taken, so I had to use a variant.

I have not created any characters in this Alliance yet.

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Milestones Edit

All times are in Pacific (GMT-8).

  1. 1st Edit: 16:03, 3 November 2015 (Was using VisualEditor, which compacted the source code.)
  2. 420th Edit: 22:09, 30 August 2016
  3. Daedric Prince (250): 11:17, 2 December 2016

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