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Hello! I'm the Infamous Lying Harlot you've probably heard those bandits muttering about. I'm not all that bad really. They just like talking smack about me behind my back. Nevertheless, I spend most of my free-time playing games, updating the Elder Scrolls Wiki, and writing/reading. 

If there was one thing I wished I was doing right now other than editing here on the Wiki with all you lovely folk, it would have to be eating a Potbelly Italian sub and chuggin a Chocolate Cake Shake from Portillos.

My Skyrim Characters[edit | edit source]

Gwendolyn[edit | edit source]

Name: Gwendolyn

Gender: Female

Race: Nord

Level: 59

Personality: Fierce, compassionate, and determiend, Gwendolyn is brave in the face of adversity and one of the most courageous souls in all of Tamriel. While good-hearted, she isn't exactly the most loyal. She tends to follow the path that offers her more.

Backstory: She was raised on a farm a few miles from Bruma in Cyrodiil. Life there was hard, as the soil offered little to growing crops. But her family, being Nords, understood how to cultivate a farm in the cold, harsh weather. Their farm was often subject to the random wild animal attack, and every so often there was a bandit raid. Gwendolyn and her older brother Throgen were taught at a young age how to fight by their uncle, a member of the Fighter's guild. Even though Gwen was the second oldest, she was often put in charge while her parents were away trading goods in the market in Bruma, as she was the most mature. After riots in Bruma forced them to move further north away from the violence, life became even more hard. The weather was crueler and the area was more isolated. In order to make a proper living, Gwen's parents still had to visit Bruma every so often to get supplies, but they did so much less, as they lived further away from the city and the road was much more dangerous. When Gwendolyn was around the age of 30 and preparing to leave the stead permanently, her parents went on a trip to Bruma. The night after they left, a large storm blew in from Skyrim. Frightened for the safety of her parents, Gwen drove through the blizzard in search of them. She continued the search for two more days, but found no trace of them. She had traveled all the way to Bruma where she asked citizens if they'd seen her parents, but no one had. Upon returning to the farm a few days later, Gwen found it had been sacked by bandits. They had seemed to only take one life during their raid- the life of one of her younger brothers. His head had been cut off and jammed onto a spike, his lifeless body a few feet away in the snow. He was only 12. Determined to exact vengeance on the bandits, Gwen waited until night and led a one-woman attack on them. She killed all of them and searched the land for any signs of survivors. She found nothing, but was hopeful, as that meant she had also found no dead bodies. After giving her younger brother a proper burial and taking all the useful supplies from the house that remained intact, Gwen went off in seach of her family. Her journey led her to the border of Skyrim where she was arrested by Imperial soldiers for reasons unknown. The rest is history.

Faction(s): Companions, Imperials, College, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Volkihar Vampires, and Forsworn

Favorite School of Magic: Conjuration

Favorite Weapon: Stalhrim Warhammer

Spouse: Farkas

Machine Played on: Xbox360

Ra'Dar[edit | edit source]

Name: Ra'Dar

Gender: Female

Race: Kajiit

Level: 40

Personality: Mysterious and dark, Ra'Dar is what many would consider untrustworthy. She is not afraid to do the unthinkable if it will make her rich in the process. While a member of the Companions and a staunch supporter of the Imperial Legion, it's mostly a cover-up for her acts of treachery. She is loyal to the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild so long as they are profitable organizations.

Backstory: Ra'Dar was not always a diaboical enigma. She was once a playful and kind child. Her father, Ri'Do, was widowed when Ra'Dar was very young. Being his only child, Ra'Dar was forced into excellence. She was trained to take his place as the leader of their caravan. This meant learning the art of buying and selling. She was also trained to better protect herself through the use of duel-wielding. Uninterested in the sometimes-honest trade of merchantry, Ra'Dar pretended to agree with her father's plans so as not to disapoint him. But when he passed away and she inherited the caravan, she was unsure of her future. The members of her caravan never ceased to remind her of her father's wishes whenever she tried to bring up the subject of leaving the caravan. Over time, she grew bitter. She did not notice when other Kajiit took interest in her. She did not pay close mind to the caravan's profit. She did not feel anything besides anger and torment. She drove her father's caravan into the ground unintentionally when she became addicted to skooma and used the caravan's depleting profits to pay for her addiction. The caravan, noticing that Ra'Dar was no longer focused on the success of the caravan, dropped her off near Cheydinhal in Cyrodiil and left, selecting one among their ranks to take her place. Ra'Dar, barely aware that she had failed as a traveling merchant, sought refuge in the walls of Cheydinhal. It was there that she got in a drunken fight at the local tavern, accidentally killing a man with her claws. Guards quickly threw her into jail where she stayed until her bounty was paid off. One night, she recieved a visitor to her cell. The mysterious person claimed to be Rasha, a member of the Dark Brotherhood. Rasha invited Ra'Dar to become a member of the Black Hand. Having nowhere else to go, Ra'Dar agreed. It was in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary that Ra'Dar found solitude. She stayed there for a few years, finding surprising joy in carrying out her contracts. The pleasure of death became even more addicting than skooma, ending her old addiction. Things began to go sour though when news came that Sanctuaries all over Tamriel were dying out. Worried that Cheydinhal might be next, Ra'Dar bade her brothers and sisters farewell, claiming that she had business to tend to outside of Cyrodiil. It was shortly after leaving that she heard word of the Bravil sanctuary's destruction. For many years she wandered Cyrodiil, killing people independently for the sheer pleasure. She made a living through independent thievery. After her experience with the Dark Brotherhood, she feared that other factions may fall apart as well, that being the reason she did everything on her own instead of joining a guild. Eventually, she grew tired of Cyrodiil and decided to move on. She began journeying towards Skyirm. She had caught wind that one of the only remaining Dark Brotherhood Sanctuaries was there. She considered the possibility of rejoining for old times sake. Perhaps she would even meet her old brothers and sisters. She started to journey north until she arrived at the border of Skyrim where she was captured by Imperial soldiers for reasons unknown. The rest is history.

Faction(s): Companions, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and Imperials

Favorite School of Magic: Conjuration

Favorite Weapon: Blade of Woe

Spouse: N/A

Machine Played on: Xbox 360

Thrinn[edit | edit source]

Name: Thrinn

Gender: Female

Race: High Elf

Level: 12

Personality: Loud and proud, Thrinn is always the talk of the town(s). Constantly adventuring and building up a reputation, she's earned quite a bit of gold and friends. There are only three things she hates: Following, reading, and listening, which is why she regrets joining the Mage's College in Winterhold- as that's all they ever seem to do!

Backstory: Born in Summerset Isle, Thrinn was adored by all of her friends and family. A prodigy with magic -as most High Elves are- she was offered many scholarships to groups of Mages. While her family wanted her to go to school in Cyrodiil, Thrinn wanted to learn magic in Skyrim. She had always wanted to see the beautiful vistas there and experience one of their snow storms. Even though the school there was not the best of them all, she forced her parents to send her there when she was older. With her future planned accordingly, Thrinn grew up easily. She was popular, admired, and repected among her peers. Despite planning to go to college in Winterhold, other schools begged her family to switch her over to theirs. She was even selected to join the ranks of the Thalmor should the Great War continue into her adult years. When the time came, however, she packed up her belongings and departed for Skyrim. Along the way, she came across a damaged carriage with the bodies of dead Thalmor Justicars at the scene. Scared and worried, she searched the area for survivors. She was so preoccupied looking for signs of life that she didn't notice the High Elf behind her, who preceeded to knock her out. She woke up in a cell. The same High Elf was standing outside of the cell, looking angry. He accused her of killing all of the Justicars, as she had blood on her hands and was the only living person in the area. He said that all they needed to do was discover her identity and they could begin judgement. Thrinn tried to explain who she was and what she was doing there, but the Elf wouldn't have it. He left the room, leaving Thrinn all by herself to contemplate the situation. She began unleashing a flurry of destruction magic in a fit of rage. It was then that she discovered a lose brick in the back wall of her cell. Carefully and quietly, she opened a small hole in the wall, brick-by-brick. The hole was nothing large, but it was just big enough for her to squeeze through. Once she was on the other side, she pulled the bricks back into place and continued down the convenient passageway. She emerged into a small office from behind a large shelf. There was a table where she saw her belongings, but the high elf and a few Justicars were in the way. She overheard their discussion. They knew who she was and they knew she was not responsible for the crime, but they planned to pin the blame on her and let the real murderer go as payment for work he had done for them in the past. Infuriated by this, Thrinn leapt from her hiding place and unleashed all the destruction magic she knew. Frightened and in shock, they all ran away, just long enough for Thrinn to throw on her belongings and run out of the building. Finding her way out wasn't too difficult, as the building was relatively small and easy to navigate. Once outside, she started running in whatever direction she could. From behind her in the open doorway of the building she heard the high elf screeching after her, saying things about how they knew what she looked like and where she lived and that they would not stop until she was behind bars and facing judgement. Saddened by the fact that she was now an outlaw in her own land, Thrinn continued her journey to Skyirm. She asked for directions at small towns, wearing a hood to conceal her face in case anyone recognized her. At that point, Skyrim was her only hope for a home, as her own land had rejected her and cast her out. It was a strange feeling to not belong, as all her life she had felt at home there. Even though it was her own kind that sought to elminate her, she knew she would still help her homeland, as it was only that one High Elf and a few of his lackeys that had tried to frame her. She made it her quest to find the High Elf and get her revenge. She also made it important to clear her name and start anew in Summerset Isles. She took a ship to Cyrodiil and from there began a safer journey to Skyrim- where she was not a wanted criminal. Or so she thought. It wasn't until she arrived in Cyrodiil that she recognized the amount of Thalmor in control there. Even so, she traveled quickly and carefully to the border, covering her tracks in case she was followed. When she arrived at the border, she was met by the Imperial Legion, who promptly arrested her for reasons unknown (although she was scared that it was because of the bounty on her head in both Cyrodiil and Summerset Isle). The rest is history.

Faction(s): College, Imperials, and Thieves Guild

Favorite School of Magic: Destruction

Favorite Weapon: None- Only uses magic

Spouse: N/A

Machine Played on: Xbox 360

Real Life Self[edit | edit source]

My name is Sage.

I won't reveal my age because I don't have to.

I play Skyrim hardcore and have a version for consoles and for PCs.

My birthday is June 17th every year.

I edit on this wiki a lot, and also blog stuff.

I make Sims videos and post them on youtube. Good luck finding them. ;)

My dream job is being a storm chaser/meteorologist. Come to me if you want facts on tornadoes.

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