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| style="border-left:0px;"| I've moved on in Real Life™ and have lost interest in Oblivion and in editing wikis in general. It's been a great time here and I hope that what is left is well-taken care of. God bless! (Details) --theSpectator talk 19:20, 7 August 2008 (UTC) |}

The title of this article should be theSpectator. The initial letter is capitalized because of technical limitations.

Welcome! I'm theSpectator, or just "Spec" for short, and I'm an administrator here at OblivioWiki. Although I admit that I have not been active much the past months due to busyness of Real Life , I still check out the site now and then, mostly for vandalism and minor grammar/spelling fixes. You are still welcome to leave me a message on my talk page or send me an e-mail and I will respond as soon as I can.

OblivioWiki goals
You are welcome to help me complete these goals.

Current[edit | edit source]

  • 4/4/08: Figure out Wikia and its nuances to best fit the wiki.

On Hold:

  • New and in progress (slowly): Apply new Template:Ench-weapon to "enchanted weapons", Template:Weapon to non-enchanted weapons, and "Template:Staff" to staves.
  • After weapons finished: Apply [[User:Hellhound43/testpage|new armor table format]] to armor
  • New non-Bethesda-taken pics of NPCs, minotaur, daedroth, skeleton. Also need pics for Sheep, rat (current one is too dark), slaughterfish, wolf, lich, ghost, vampire, wraith, and zombie (closer one/cropped/sharpened).


  • Finalize articles and quests related to the Thieves Guild. In progress with new character.
  • Complete list of fame and infamy rewards from all quests. In progress with new character.
  • Cleanup, expand, wikilink, etc the Knights of the Nine and related articles. In progress as quests have been completed.
===Miscellaneous and and comments===
  • On hold: Organize Mages Guild members according to services, if possible (and if it looks good). See my attempt at organizing them. Feel free to directly make changes or comment.
  • Upload icons for active effects, diamond, cancel, attribute, location, trade, repair, recharge, and spell trade. Help, comments, suggestions, improvements are welcome.
    • Completed: Gold DamageIcon.png WeightIcon.png ArmorIcon.png Red-hand.png MagickaIcon.png.
  • The Main Quest pages need some wiki-love, including cleanup, organization, journal entries, and pictures

Last revised: 00:47, 21 July 2007 (CDT).


Mods I use[edit | edit source]

Most of the mods I use are cosmetic. I prefer to keep the original gameplay intact.

  • Darnified UI
  • Landscape LOD mods – Better visual changes, namely landscape textures
  • Jarrod's Oblivion textures – More visual changes, namely road, pathway, and landscape textures
  • Natural Environments – Improved environmental appearances, namely adjustments to trees, plants, and the water
  • Immersive Interface – Much smaller HUD with transparency instead of the original big and blocky one
  • Color Map Mod – Colored map; it looks nicer and it's easier to locate places

References[edit | edit source]

Testing pages[edit | edit source]

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